Makeup Products to Always Have on Your Office Desk

Makeup Products

Work can be stressful, but you don’t have to look the part. If you think that’s easier said than done, just look at your desk and make a quick assessment of the clutter that’s on there. How much of it is makeup? If there is not even a single grooming tool on your desk, the problem is clear: you’ve let work take over your life.

It’s time to declutter the office desk and place these skincare items nearby:

Lip Balm

The lips are easily overlooked, especially in terms of skincare. You think applying a coat of the boldest lipstick shade is enough, and reapplying it throughout the day will already be sufficient to make you look good. Deep down, however, the chapped and dry skin of your lips will only add to the things you feel bad about. That doesn’t have to happen if you keep a lip balm handy for hydration and moisturization of your lips. It’s even better if the product has SPF so that you can confidently go out for a lunch meeting without worrying about sun damage. Lip balms can come in different flavors too, allowing you to choose based on your personality. If you’re not a fan of lipsticks at all, a tinted balm can already replace it in your makeup routine. Versatile, isn’t it?

Makeup Wipes

You may not be staying in the office long enough to have to remove your full face of makeup, but sometimes, in the middle of the day, you notice a smudge or a smear that makes you look less glamorous. You’ll need the makeup wipes to clean up the mess and redraw your eyeliner or lipstick. If it’s a particularly warm day, you may also use the wipes and a travel-sized toner to cool down your face a little. Next time you go face toner online shopping, get yourself a pack of wipes to go with them for such emergencies.


They are not only for hygiene purposes, but they can also be another tool necessary for makeup boo-boos. If you’re heading out with your colleagues to hang out after work, your makeup may need a little polishing. Turn that day look into a night look by wearing a vampy lipstick shade or winging your eyeliner. For all the mistakes you may do along the way, those Q-tips are there to help with the fix. Keep a supply of makeup remover in your kit as well.


Some days, you don’t have any issues with your skin at all and you can focus on work. And then there are those days when you feel like you have dry patches or uneven skin tone, or perhaps your eyebrows are not groomed enough. When you’re stressed, you may see imperfections everywhere. Though they might not exist, it’s better to have a product to dab on to give you that assurance that everything will be okay. After applying some concealer, you can be more confident that you look good, and you can get back to work again.

Makeup is part of your armor. Make sure you have all the necessary items near you even while you’re at work.