Coronavirus: A Threat to Human Civilization


Coronavirus is a severe disease known as COVID-19 spreading over more than 162 countries and union territories. Now many myths are circulating about this disease in various countries. Yes, it is a panic situation, but it is not necessary to panic too much. A little precaution will be able to help every individual from being infected with this dangerous disease.

Here are some essential points that one has to take care of. Along with that, we are sharing valuable information that could help you to know about the coronavirus.

The symptoms of the coronavirus disease:

We know that people are spreading a lot of things regarding the symptoms of this disease. But all the signs are not real; only three symptoms are categorized that indicates this severely ill and dying situation. The symptoms are mentioned below:


Not every type of fever means that you are carrying the coronavirus a deadly disease. If you have a high fever, then also it doesn’t suggest that you are taking this disease. Only if you have high fever from last few days along with other symptoms then only it could be that you are suffering from coronavirus. But still, proper medication and the test have to be done to confirm the same. Try to consult your doctor who can suggest you the best way to know about the same.


Now there are many types of cough that one can feel. But it doesn’t mean that all kind of cough is indicating coronavirus. If you have a cough with a running nose, then it doesn’t suggest that you are carrying this virus. Even if you have a cough with phlegm, then also it doesn’t suggest the species, but if you have a dry cough with high fever, then there is a need to get a test done. Maybe there only usual symptoms, but there is no harm to check the same.

Breathe shortness:

If you are feeling shortness of breath and the situation is continuing for a few days, then have a conversation with your doctor who can suggest the step. It is a significant sign of this disease, but it is not confirmed that if you have a problem breathing, then you are suffering from this disease.

Therefore three symptoms mentioned above will indicate whether you are a carrier of this disease or not. Without knowing the final result and getting the reports of your test, don’t come to a Conclusion and create a panic situation. It will be harmful to you, and your friends and family fully come to confusion after knowing the fact.

What is the significant incubation period of the coronavirus?

There are different ranges and stages of processing and growth of this disease inside the body. One cannot state any single station about this disease, but there are multiple records that listed below:

  • COVID-19 is taking almost 2 to 14 days to grow inside your body. It is that period in between which you will feel some of the symptoms mentioned above.
  • Between 2 to 14 days after getting infected, you will be able to know that you are carrying this disease.
  • But still, after this, there is a case reported Hubei provinces on 22nd October that recorded and 27 days of the incubation period.
  • Even on 21st February, there were 5 cases registered with 19 days of the incubation period.
  • Therefore we can say that the incubation period will depend upon the body of an individual, but a range scene in a significant number of people is 22 for three days.

The reports on the incubation period by authorities:

There are several reports given by different organizations that are mentioned below:

  • The World Health Organization provides the first report for the incubation period of this disease.
  • Which state started it takes two to 10 days for processing of this disease inside the body?
  • After China’s National Health Commission, C is that the incubation period is between 10 to 14 days. It is based upon the data of all the cases recorded in the country.
  • The CDC of the United States says that it takes to do for 2 to 14 days to grow.
  • In between this period, one will be able to recognize the symptoms if they are severe.
  • China’s health community of physicians of the online Chinese community says it takes 3 to 14 days to process.

Mortality rate because of this coronavirus:

  • Now, many rumors are been spread. People are giving different mortality rates that are true and not. Nowhere is the actual data that will help you to recognize this disease.
  • The mortality rate that is recorded until now is more in the case when the age of an individual is more than 60.
  • It is because, after this age, it becomes difficult to recover from this disease.
  • The immune system goes down, and many other disorders are harming the body already.
  • Therefore it becomes difficult for the patient to recover quickly, and it leads to mortality.

The entire patient, so that they have less age and are younger, found it easy to recover.

Final verdict for a deadly disease:

Therefore, we have mentioned all the related factors of coronavirus. There are many other things that one has to know if they want to study it properly. Yes, it is a deadly situation, but if an individual is taking proper precautions, then there is no need to worry.

Even after worrying so much, it is not possible that you will get a viable solution for it. The only thing an individual has to do these take necessary precautions. After this, you would be able to get relief from the situation. Many diseases could come and go only precautions could help to get assistance. Even the government is trying to spread awareness about the same.

Try to calm down the situation, spread awareness, not threat!

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