Guidelines to Consider During send Flowers to your Hotel Guest!



A guest in the Bengali language means someone who comes without any notice. But then there are jobs and places where every now and then guests do visit. That is the job of a prestigious hotel. Now as the hotel is a part of a business, the guest is always taken proper care in the hotel as a chief guest. And the best way to meet and greet guests is with a bouquet of flowers

Here are some guidelines to consider or follow when you send flowers to your hotel guests. 

1) Holidays

When the guests come to the hotel on holiday, it is mostly the reason that they are coming to spend their quality time in the place. A vacation is the main reason behind such a visit. And for the hospitality management of the hotel, it is a golden opportunity to serve the person in such a humble manner that any time he/she comes back again, he/she will choose this hotel for lodging only. 

During holidays, you will get bright seasonal flowers. Bouquets of mixed flowers every morning with the bed-tea will be an amazing way to greet your hotel guests. This is the perfect way of how to surprise someone in a hotel room with flowers.  

2) Anniversaries

Another reason for people to go to other places at any time of the year is to celebrate their special occasions. One of them is the anniversary. Now there is a tricky way to get to know about this occasion in the hotel service. When you fill-up the registration form for the hotel, mention a column about asking the purpose of the visit. 

From there you can get to know which couple guest is having their anniversaries today. That day, they should be treated like royalty. And every surprise you plan to give them, flowers make the best compliments. Congratulations flowers will work very well for the guest couple to receive as a token of a gift from the hotel.

3) Celebrations and congratulations

Having a guest is like having the chance to serve someone with all your dedication. Hotels have one group of people who are hospitality management people. Their main job is to take care of the guests’ satisfaction over the service of the hotel. As people come to the hotel to celebrate occasions and vacations in their life, the celebration is a must way to do that. 

Arranging for parties for the guests in the hotel is a way to reduce the mundane in the hotel. It is to cheer them up and giving them an opportunity to meet and greet people from different cultures who are guests of the same hotel. As there will be plenty of people on such occasions, a bouquet of tulips or roses will be the best flower gifts in cheap price for the hotel stuffs. The guest will be very much happy to receive such gifts

4) Sympathy

We all are human beings and there is a chance that we all make mistakes. But we should never let others face consequences for our mistake. Or even sometimes, something unexpected happens to the guests in their vacations or visit that place. 

SO the best thing to do at that time is to sympathize with the guests. And the best way is to send them flowers. If the person has become a family to you, you can actually send flowers online on the same date every year to his/her home address to console him/her. 

5) Just because

One does not need to have an occasion to be greeted. And it is one of the best flower gift ideas to send to hotel rooms. A guest is always special firstly for being ‘just because’ the guest. It is the best thing for hotels rule book that they do not judge people for being whatever they are.

 They always treat their guests in a warm manner just because they are their precious guests. Such an act is a very convincing way to make a solid relationship with the guests which is again very good for business. 

Guests are the oxygen of the hotel industry. The treatment of the hotel to their guests is a big reason for their worldwide recognition.  Above are the thing to consider when you send flowers to your hotel guests.

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