If you are a sports lover who likes to excel in sports then a vertical jump is one of the most important factors for your game improvement. Whether it is basketball where you have to get the ball in the bucket or it is football where you need to head the ball in the net to score. The vertical jump is the most essential factor in these conditions especially when you are shorter than the rest of the players. In this article you will find some tips on how to increase vertical jump.


First things first you need to keep a track of your progress. This will help you in staying motivated to say the least. For this take a piece of chalk (prefer wet chalk) and stand against a wall to make a leap as high as you can. Touch the wall at the time of your maximum elevation.


Exercises are an important element in gaining strength perhaps arguably second to eating healthy. Focus on exercises or workouts that increase the leg strength. Since most of the work here has to be done by leg, therefore, it is important to have a really strong leg. If you are sitting at home then exercises like pushups, squats and different stretching exercises will help but joining a gym for better and faster progress is highly recommended.

Perform calisthenics to improve flexibility. Calisthenics doesn’t require any weights so they can be performed anywhere and anytime. Some examples of calisthenics include jumping jacks, pushups, lunges and sit-ups. These exercises can be performed daily but taking a day of rest per week is better to help relax your muscles.

But still, the best answer of how to increase vertical jump can be found in the gym. Doing weight training can increase your progress exponentially. Though weight training gives more pain, in the end, it’s when you see your progress it’s worth it. While doing weight training it is important to note that your muscles should be getting enough rest because that is when your muscles are gaining strength. Include weighted squats, single arm dumbbell snatches and trap bar deadlift in your workout schedule.

Now to the most important exercises recommended by almost every expert for increasing vertical jump. These exercises are referred to as plyometrics. Since these exercises focus on legs and leaps, they are very helpful. Have two days of rest between your plyometric workout and on rest days you can try your rest of workouts such as weightlifting etc. Plyometric exercises may include jumping squats, Bulgarian split squats, box jumps and jump or skipping ropes. Plyometric exercises also help in gaining stamina.


While doing all this you should consider a dramatic change overnight and give yourself false hopes. Nothing is achieved overnight. Keep sweating and you will see great results in about a month. The more you work hard the better and faster you will see results.

All in all this article include everything you need to know about how to increase vertical jump. However, it is still up to you to work hard and achieve your goal. Hopefully, this piece of writing helps you in making progress.

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