Here Are 5 Skin Care Hacks to Keep Your Skin Healthy

Skin Care Hacks

Skincare tips don’t always have to be complex and fancy-sounding. In fact, sometimes the best skin care hacks are the most simple ones. Sure, there might not be an easy solution for every type of skin issue out there, but there are some common problems that can be resolved easily. That’s why I created this blog so that you get 5 handy tips to use for your own skincare routine

Impartial, Honest Skin Care Advice

These tips aren’t sponsored or paid for in any way, rather they are from my own personal experience and as someone in my mid-50s, I’ve got quite a lot of that under my belt.

Hack #1 for Oily Skin

My first hack involves carrying blotting paper around with you in your handbag. No, I’ve not gone crazy as there is a method to my madness. It’s vital that you don’t over-cleanse, but it’s also important that you get rid of any excess oil that exists in your pores. 

A piece of blotting paper can help you keep any overproduction of oil under control, particularly across your T-zone. 

Hack #2 for Dark Circles

The next of my skincare hacks involves another common skin issue that comes in the form of dark circles. When they exist they can make you look tired and older than you are, but there is something simple you can do about it.

This one’s a little left field, but please bear with me. 2 x used chamomile tea bags straight from the freezer and placed onto your closed eyes after you’ve cleansed for about 10 minutes. The coolness will reduce puffing and the caffeine helps to improve circulation.

Hack #3 for Skin Dryness

When choosing your moisturizer, go for something with hyaluronic acid in it, whether you’re talking about it in night creams or serums. It’s a substance that occurs naturally and it helps your skin to retain the moisture that it needs for longer. 

Hack #4 for preventing breakouts

Nearing the end of my list of skincare hacks now as I look at balancing your skin’s oil, rather than stripping it away as so many do. Ridding your skin of the oil it needs is not the answer as it will just make things worse.

A way to combat the problem is to cleanse morning and night and immediately moisturize afterwards. It will let you clear away the oil and stay hydrated.

Hack #5 for tackling fine lines

The last of my hacks deal with fine lines and it’s a nice and simple solution. It’s a matter of applying moisturizer when the skin is damp in an upwards motion, paying particular attention to the areas where you suspect your fine lines are.

The forehead, eyes, chest and neck are the most common places that these lines exist.

Always Talk to Your Dermatologist 

The truth is that these skin care hacks are exactly that…hacks. They’re meant as a quick fix and so you should always talk either to your dermatologist or your doctor if there is a persistent health issue, whether it relates to the skin or not. 

I really hope you find at least one of them helpful though, as it’s the main reason why I wrote it. Thanks for reading and I wish you the very best of skin health. 

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