Monsoon Diseases and Its Prevention

Monsoon Diseases

Monsoons are at their hike and during storms; we need to take care of our health more than we generally do. We should focus on whether the water around the streets is clean or contaminated and also about the water that is consumed is filtered. Rainy season inevitably brings relief from the intense summer vibe that leaves us irritated. Eating delicacies and having a monsoon gala time is a must for many of us. But nothing is perfect, and so neither monsoon. With monsoon, what arrives at free are the dangerous and life-threatening waterborne diseases. The water supply that we get can be affected by rainwater during the heavy rainfall that results in floods. So, you might be those who are still relying upon the not so natural and pure water from the water resources, but it’s time to check and change your water source.

Waterborne Diseases

Rains bring along viral and bacterial infections that make the need for water purifiers imperative. These diseases are results of contaminated water and are wide in range. Dengue, typhoid, diarrhea, and jaundice are some of the waterborne diseases. Improper water purification practices and systems add on to the risk of increasing waterborne diseases. The rain is followed by humidity, which leads to bad health. Many people in India are still unaware of the water purification systems. Apart from diarrhea, vomiting, there are many other infections like food poisoning, gastroenteritis, which all are caused due to bacteria called E.coli.

Half Impure when Boiled

Thus it is wise to make a small change in the quality of drinking water by ensuring it is safe and devoid of any infections or diseases. Boiling of water is never enough. It takes around 20 minutes for the water to cook and become invulnerable for consumption purposes. Even after the boiling process, the water does not become free from turbidity, chlorine, cysts. The boiled water is not clear from organic and inorganic impurities. Hence, those who think that they are consuming safe water merely by cooking it are putting their health at risk.

By now, we have made it a point that drinking filtered water through water purifiers is a must. But, the other thing that people usually undermine is the need to choose the right water purifier according to the place they are living in. The site decides the water conditions, and then the decision can be made correctly of choosing an intelligent water purification system as per the requirements. In India, there are seventeen kinds of distinct water conditions. Thus each place needs a water purifier according to the water conditions.

Reverse Osmosis

The Reverse Osmosis (RO) based purifiers are designed for curbing the impurities from water, but it is not always successful. Thus applying the RO purifier at the wrong place will lead to wastage of water instead of mineralizing the water. For a single glass of water, seven glasses of water will get wasted with an incorrect purifier application. For example, the UVF and UV technology might produce the best water for one geographical area fitting to its water conditions, but it may not do the same in another city with different water conditions. These technologies have been successful in Mumbai. The reverse osmosis is fruitful at filtrating heavy metal and contaminants from water. But, this is not a common situation in every geographical area. There are few such places where water conditions are like that and need RO purification dynamic. You don’t need to worry about the brand service because Aquafresh customer care toll-free number provides all the support to its customers with a simple dial whenever you stop getting your optimum level purified water.

It’s Your Choice at the End

There are few places but not that few that we will ignore them. Monsoons in Mumbai create a lot of destruction and disturbance. The RO, UV and UF and TDS controller technology together create a balanced technology for almost all kinds of water conditions. The brands are selling their products through the vitality of their name in today’s age, and it becomes our responsibility to choose our water purifier wisely. You have a lot many options, but specific water conditions of your area decide which water purification they want. Merely living in an area that needs an RO water plant is not the path to a safe water supply at your house. You need to go through all the features and properties of that water purifier before buying it. At Aquafresh toll-free number, you get complete customer support that keeps you safe even when you are facing any issues with your RO functioning or purifier.

The RO water purifiers that come up with a UV lamp produces a UV ray that kills viruses, bacteria, impurities. The services, certifications should be available as per your request. You get such service at Aquafresh RO customer care toll-free number where you would be well received by our representatives, and a professional would be assigned to your doorstep service if required.

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