Oxygen Regulator: What Is It? And How It Works?

Oxygen Regulator

An oxygen regulator is a pressure of oxygen controlling device that is used to maintain the flow of oxygen with the help of a kit of oxygen cylinders. It is very easy to use in order to control the pressure and flow of oxygen.

A proper oxygen regulator will help you to take control of the device in order to adjust the flow of oxygen. A standard regulator will get adjusted up to 1-8 liters per minute of oxygen level. So try to maintain a level with the help of a regulator device. 

How Can You Attach Regulator To The Oxygen Cylinder?

 It is easy to attach an oxygen regulator to the cylinder. Then, you can follow the given steps, and you can easily prepare the oxygen cylinder for the patient’s use.

  • First, always remember not to tightly screw the device. Instead, you should make the set screw loose slowly and steadily.
  • Next, you have to line up the regulator with two given pins with the help of small holes present on the top of the valve of the oxygen cylinder.
  • You need to drop the valve button way down as it is easy to perform by guidance.
  • Now, make sure you make a move the regulator slowly upwards till the pins get down into the holes on the valve of the cylinder.
  • Then, it’s time to screw them tight so that they cannot be moved easily. But, don’t make it over tight other the rubber gasket can get damaged.
  • A proper seal is put on the valve. You can now open the valve, which is placed above the cylinder and set a proper flow of oxygen with the help of a regulator.
  • Place an oxygen mask, and you are ready to start with providing oxygen flow to the patient. 

Last Words

You may have observed that the devices got more popular at the time of COVID-19 as most of the patients got breathing problems. So this is a very helpful device for patients who are dealing with some breathing problems. 

Make sure you as an individual should know the procedure of fixing the oxygen regulator to the oxygen cylinder as in case of emergency, you may require to perform this function. Proper guidance and knowledge are required along with it so that no injury can take place. 

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