Protect your Child from Food Allergy with these Tips

Food Allergy

A very common type of allergy is when people react to simple everyday food. It can happen to everyone regardless the age, gender and time of occurrence according to allergy specialist near me. But the age group which is most affected by it is the school going children; especially kids between the ages of 5 and 18 years. It happens in very rare cases that children above the limited age and adults have food allergies.

School Items having Hidden Food Allergens:

Scientists are baffled and confused because the food allergies in children are increasing with the passing of time. Researchers have studied various groups of children in their schools and have come to the conclusion that there are many items used in the art class that has food allergens that the school management, teachers and parents don’t know about.

Soya in Crayons:

There are many crayon brands that are now using natural ingredients instead of others so that children will not get harmed by it. But a big problem with this is that many children are allergic to different food items. Soya is one such ingredient that is used by several crayon manufacturers. 

Chalks having Milk:

Children have developed asthma and other allergic reactions in school just because they were using dustless chalks. But how can dustless chalks create a response? The only reason that can be understood is that these types of chalks have milk protein in it.

Glue containing Wheat:

In the past, people used wheat as an ingredient for making glue because no other synthetic material was available. When other raw materials became conveniently available people forgot about it. But as the harmful effects of these synthetic products were known; the manufacturers again started to use wheat protein in glues. 

Eggs in Tempera Paint:

The egg which is one of the most common food allergens in the world is found in tempera paint. This is an ancient technique of painting that was used first by the Egyptians. The egg was the basic ingredient which was mixed with different colors. Now the same technology is used to create paint on a very large scale.

Hand wash containing Nut Extracts:

There are several varieties of hand washes that have different flavors but a food allergen that is present in them is nuts extracts. Even the slightest contact with it can trigger a severe allergic reaction. So be very careful when using these items.

Peanut Butter in Bird Feeds:

Many different schools give tasks to children to take care of the various animals and birds in the surrounding areas of the school. So the children have to put bird feeds in the feeders; this can contain peanut butter. It is very dangerous for those kids who are allergic to peanuts.

Allergy specialist near me gives these Food Allergy Protection Tips:

Atlanta Allergy Clinic is one of those facilities that not only provide diagnosis and treatments but also educate people about food allergies and how to protect the children form it; especially at school. Parents can protect their children by following the tips provided by an allergist.

Discuss with Others:

It is the duty of every parent; whose child is suffering from food allergies to discuss everything with the important people in the life of the child. The school is one such place where the child interacts with his/ her friends and share food items. They can easily be exposed to food allergens so in such cases the teachers and other staff members should be aware of the situation.

Education of the Child:

When the child is old enough to understand the seriousness of the condition he/ she are going through; then you can educate them not to go near the food they are allergic to. You can start this process when the child reaches the age of 5.

Plan everything in Advance:

It is crucial for the parent, child, and others to know the type of food allergy the child is suffering from. There are tests that can determine it. As soon as the food allergen is known; start planning about the precautionary measures that you will take to help your child with the problem.

Develop hygiene Routine:

Many food allergic reactions get worse if the proper hygienic routine is not followed. It is really important that handwashing habit is developed so that the child can wash away any potential food allergen from the hand; which could be transferred from the hands of another child or even an adult.

Availability of the Medication:

The child must have a few doses of medicine with him/ her during school times. This is vital because for unknown reasons the child can be exposed to the food allergens so to control the reaction medicine must be readily available.

Cook Favorite Food at Home:

Cooking food at home and giving it to the child for school can help to avoid the allergies. The food cooked at home uses alternate ingredients which are healthy for the child as well as avoid any unpleasant circumstances.

Do a thorough Research:

The most important tip or point that allergy specialist near me will tell you is to do thorough research yourself so that you as parents can know what is best for your child and you can prevent it from spreading further.

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