The function of cells in the human body


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As you know that there are lots of various types of cells which helps to make the organs and tissues in the human body. Of course, the cell is the main part of your body.  A cell decides the nature, type, and functions of the organs and tissues. These organs functioning in an equally beneficial way to make the other organ systems. If any tissue or nerve is damaged, it means the cell structure is damaged.

These damaged cells can decide the recovery, destiny or die of the whole tissue. So, you can say that a cell decides the whole life of the body. So, there are different types of cells in the human body and a few human body facts following.

1. Bone cells:

These are the stronger body cell structures and are bound with each other by phosphate and calcium. They provide support, strength, and structure to the body by encircling tissues in your skeletal system, i.e., bones.

2. Nerve cells:

These cells made all the nervous system. These cells are long in shape and also having lots of branches at the end. They are present in the complete body and are long as few meters at somewhere. These cells mostly found in the spinal cord and in the brain. They help to combine the nervous system.

3. Epithelial cell:

These types of cells covering of other cells. They help in cover layers of all tissue and organs. These are present in the scalp, buccal cavity surface, in the skin, respiratory tract and on the surface of the heart. They also make the vital structures like the nephrons which help in clarification of the blood in the kidney.

4. Muscle cells:

These cells are so important and also responsible for all activities of in the human body. They are known as myocytes as well as are present in all muscle tissues. There are mostly 3 types of muscle cells as the cardiac, skeletal and smooth forms. They are rich in protein and they are mostly large, long and be able to provide movements to the human body.

5. Adipose cells:

These cells are found in those areas where fat is stored. They decrease rubbing to the body. They are mostly seen in the palms, soles, and bums, etc.

6. Blood cells:

These cells consist of WBC, RBC’s, Thrombocytes, etc. They are every time motile and certainly not stay in one place. They have a restricted lifecycle, and they never grow to new cells.

7. Stem cells:

These are called parent cells or primary cells which can separate all required cells. These cells have so much significance in the human body because of their role in the treatment of different diseases.

8. Rods &Cones:

These cells are so important in the eye and can catch image light and color.

Moreover, all these and lots of other cells have so much importance in the human body. These can be present of different types of shapes. Such cells are visible in the covering of the intestine, lungs, stomach, nephrons, etc.

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