Royal Cup Coffee: Coffee As A Healthy Beverage

A picture of a cup of coffee beans that was spilled

Should you drink or avoid coffee? Much has been said to argue for and against this much-beloved beverage, and Bill Smith of Double Iron Consulting, in support of Royal Cup Coffee, wants to help set the record straight. 

Coffee – in the right amounts – is good for you. It is the third most popular beverage globally, trailing only water and tea. The coffee bean has had a long, storied history and legends. Regardless, coffee remains a sought-after drink and flavor. 

Unfortunately, with every good thing, there is always a downside. For many years, people have taken opposing sides regarding the consumption of coffee. 

If you love coffee, especially Royal Cup Coffee, fear not. There are many reasons why you should continue enjoying it. Here is a list of a few. 

1. Coffee Takes Care of Your Heart.

Coffee contains a type of blood proprotein that helps lower LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol – the bad type of cholesterol. This is the same type of cholesterol that increases the risk of developing coronary heart disease.

Derivatives of caffeine, a substance found in high amounts in coffee beans, are being developed for their potential in treating cardiovascular disease. 

2. Coffee Could help battle Kidney Disease.

According to recent research that involved almost 5,000 individuals suffering from chronic kidney disease, an increase in caffeine consumption daily seemed to reduce the risk of early death. 

This advantage was retained regardless of age, diet, gender, lifestyle, race, and existing diseases. Note, however, that the study has yet to prove any cause and effect. Still, it showed that increased caffeine intake was related to higher life expectancy among individuals with chronic kidney disease. 

3. Coffee May Reduce the Risk of Developing Parkinson’s Disease. 

Parkinson’s disease is a disorder affecting the brain, causing uncontrollable movements, including stiffness, shaking, trembling, and problems with coordination and balance. 

In the U.S. alone, about 1 million individuals suffer from this disease. Coffee seems to have a positive effect on people with Parkinson’s. 

Several studies (one dating back to 1968) suggested that coffee might have a protective effect. This is thanks to coffee’s numerous compounds, particularly EHT (Eicosanoyl-5-hydroxytryptamine), which seems to have a protective mechanism against Parkinson’s Disease.

4. Coffee Can Help Keep the Liver Healthy.

A picture of two healthy women flexing their muscles, showing how there are health benefits to coffee

Your daily java does more than just keep you alert. It can even help keep your liver in good shape. One study showed that consuming two cups of coffee daily helped reduce the risk of developing liver cirrhosis by 44%. 

Furthermore, moderate amounts of coffee daily could also help reduce the development of fibrosis, fatty liver disease, Hepa B and C, and cirrhosis. This action is due mainly to paraxanthine, a chemical produced after caffeine is digested. It helps slow down scar tissue growth that occurs in fibrosis. 

Coffee could also help reduce and fight cancer, specifically liver cancer. Certain chemicals found in coffee beans, known as cafestol and kahweol, could be beneficial as a supplementary treatment for hepatocellular carcinoma. 

5. Coffee Has a Positive Impact on Colon Cancer.

One published study showed an association between coffee consumption and a reduced rate of colon cancer and better outcomes for individuals with the disease. The study involved 1,171 individuals who were being treated for advanced colon cancer. 

The study found that a cup of coffee helped improve patient survival by 7% and improved cancer growth by 5%. Even better, the type of coffee consumed did not matter. Either caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee worked. 

6. Coffee Could Help Protect Against Alzheimer’s Disease.

Alzheimer’s disease is a terrible affliction that robs individuals of their personalities and capabilities. The good news is that if you love coffee, you may be better protected against developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. 

Researchers believe that caffeine and other biochemicals and mechanisms may work as antioxidants that help prevent the risk of cognitive decline. 

7. Coffee Protects the DNA from Damage.

The flavor and smell of coffee do beautiful things to your well-being, and you will be glad to know that it also helps you from the inside out. According to a paper published in the European Journal of Nutrition, regular consumption of coffee could help prevent damage to the DNA strand. 

The study involved 84 healthy male subjects. The group that consumed coffee showed 27% less damage in their DNA strands than those that did not. 

Making Good Coffee Better

Royal Cup Coffee started small. Henry T. Batterton began selling coffee in 1896 from a wagon drawn by his horse. The business was named Batterton Coffee Company and was known for offering fresh, flavorful, full-bodied coffee that was good enough for kings. 

Every cup of coffee served by Batterton was good enough to be called “royal” by its customers, so it was no surprise that the company grew and became an established business. 

In 1950, Batterton Coffee Company was purchased by William E. Smith, who promptly chose a name change – Royal Cup Coffee. The company has remained in the Smith family for many decades. 

William Smith III, the grandson of William E. Smith,  turned the company over to newly appointed CEO Chip Wann in 2020. Bill Smith now supports Royal Cup Coffee as a board director and strategic advisor while working on his new venture and business, Double Iron Consulting. 

Guided by strong family and non-family leaders, Royal Cup Coffee and Tea has become one of the most important importers and distributors of premium and specialty coffees serving markets in the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean.  The company continues to create a strong presence in the industry, paving the way for better processes and procedures to develop better, healthier coffee. The company believes that coffee is more than just a commodity – it is also a lifestyle and a health-giving beverage with plenty of flavor and benefits.