What Diets You Should Follow in 2020 For Faster Weight Loss

keto soup

Obesity has been a major issue in the few past decades, with junk and fast food on the rise. We somehow lost our way to fitness. Most people routine consist of eating and sitting in one place with little to no exercise. If you cant include exercise in your daily lifestyle, then you should consider thinking about what goes in your stomach. 

Well, no one is stopping you from eating. What you should do is put a check on what you eat. Eating excessive food is not an issue. Most fitness trainers prefer you to eat 5-6 times a day, but in small portions. This is one of the major tips to improve your health.

Although there are many diets that you can follow, some will allow you to eat fewer carbs while some will suggest to eat veggies and say no to meat. While there are so many diets out there, somewhere down the line it gets difficult to choose which one is right for you to follow. 

We will distinguish between those diets and will make it easier for you to choose according to your liking and lifestyle. So you can lose the extra weight faster. This won’t be a keto vs paleo discussing, we will just discuss which diet is better for you. Sticking to either one of these if your hard work. 

There are 2 Famous diets that you can follow:

  • Paleo-Diet
  • Keto-Diet


The paleo diet consists of foods that are different from the western diet. Paleo-diet is quite famous and one of the oldest diets you can think of. This diet has shown great results in the past and continues to do so. 

In this diet, you will have to eat lean protein, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and seeds. But as I mentioned before that is different from regular western diets, you will have to cut your relation with foods like sugar, grains, and dairy. 

This can be the downside of this diet as it makes you cut off from dairy and grains like lentils. Which can be very healthy.  Paleo diet can be similar to keto, because after cutting dairy products from your diet. It will automatically make you use fewer carbs. 


One of the most famous diets in the past few years is the keto diet. People are going crazy over it because it has shown some miraculous results. Keto diet is gaining its popularity because it will only cut carbs from your diet. It’s more like a Low-carb diet. 

There is a process called ketosis in which your body is starved from carbs. They are the primary source of your energy. Once you body doesn’t get enough carbs then it starts to burn the fat in your body. Due to this ketones are released. They become the primary source of your energy. To stay in the process of Ketosis you will have cut your carbs intake. 

This might take a few days, but once your body is used to your new diet it will start burning your fat. Changing your diet is the major factor in a keto diet. There are many things that you can include in your keto diet, such as keto soup. Such foods will make your keto diet much easier. 

The only downside I can think of the keto diet is that if you are new to keto, the first few days can be tricky. Once your body gets comfortable with your new routine then everything goes back to normal. 


These two diets will make you lose weight faster, but what you should know is that following just these diets won’t bring magical results. You will have to be disciplined with your diet. Achieving anything takes discipline and patience. These two things always go together. Follow a diet plan according to your need and stick to it for as long as you can. By the end of your weight loss journey, there will be major changes in your overall physical health as well. I personally tried the Keto diet and it gave quite positive results, those results were enhanced when I started using keto soup in my diet. I hope you follow a similar diet and continue your weight loss journey. Good Luck!

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