Pamela Cone: Crafting Harmony in Curated Spaces

Pamela Cone

Pamela Cone, the Founder and CEO of Curated Spaces, LLC has an impeccable story that resonates with a curated sense of style and purpose. Her story begins in Blytheville, Arkansas, where the roots of her spirituality took hold. Her calling as a minister became evident early on, and she embraced this divine purpose with unwavering dedication. “Being a minister is what I was ‘predestined’ to be!” Pamela affirms, and this sense of predestination has guided her every step.

As the Assistant Pastor at Dominion, CLGI, Pamela works alongside her husband, Pastor Steven Cone, in a shared commitment to nurturing the spiritual growth of their community. With over 25 years of ministry, the Cones have become a stalwart presence, providing guidance, support, and a nurturing environment for those seeking solace and spiritual nourishment.

Beyond the pulpit, Pamela is a devoted wife and mother, highlighting the importance of family in her life. The couple has three children and two adorable grandchildren, creating a familial foundation that grounds Pamela’s endeavors. Together, they embody the values of love, faith, and unity, serving as a source of strength in both their personal and professional lives.

Pamela’s involvement extends to various boards and advisory roles, showcasing her commitment to community and women’s ministry. Her presence on the International Elect Ladies Board for The Church of the Living God International, Inc. and the Advisory Board for Women in Christian Leadership speaks volumes about her dedication to empowering women within the church and beyond.

At the core of Pamela’s multifaceted endeavors is Curated Spaces, LLC. This entrepreneurial venture seamlessly blends her passion for design with her spiritual calling. Under the umbrella of Curated Spaces, Pamela has meticulously curated three essential elements: Content, Style, and Décor.

Pamela’s belief in the power of curated content is evident in the heart of her brand. The Content category encompasses journals designed to aid spiritual growth, magazines featuring insightful articles, and a podcast series, including “Curated Conversations with Pamela Cone” and “Sunday Mornings with Pamela Cone.” These platforms offer a virtual sanctuary for thousands, delivering spiritual nourishment and wisdom to a diverse audience.

The Décor segment and interior design services of Curated Spaces is a testament to Pamela’s background in interior design. From the Coffee & Gift Shop, created in memory of her father, to the upcoming Wisdom & Grace Christian Bookstore & Gift Shop, each space is designed to evoke a sense of curated comfort and inspiration. 

Pamela’s commitment to knowledge and academic excellence is a thread that runs through her life story. Despite interruptions due to her husband’s military career, she resumed her academic journey, earning recognition as an Outstanding Alumni at Sinclair Community College. Her pursuit of knowledge continued at Wright State University, where she achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree, Summa Cum Laude.

Currently, Pamela is immersed in her academic pursuit of a Master of Arts in Ministry – Biblical Studies at Indiana Wesleyan University. This dedication to continuous learning underscores her commitment to deepening her understanding of spirituality and ministry.

Pamela’s professional journey shows her versatility and leadership skills. As the Marketing Director at Functional Formularies and the inaugural Director of Aviatra Accelerators Dayton, she demonstrated strategic planning and organizational acumen. Simultaneously, her role as the CEO of Curated Spaces and Business Development Manager for Essential Provisions, LLC, showcases her ability to navigate diverse sectors with grace and expertise.

Pamela Cone has seamlessly blended faith, family, and entrepreneurship. Her journey from Blytheville to the vibrant community of Dayton is marked by resilience, dedication, and a commitment to creating spaces that resonate with purpose. Pamela’s curated spaces, both physical and spiritual, stand as a testament to the transformative power of aligning passion with purpose. In her, we find a guiding light, inspiring us to craft our own curated spaces where faith, family, and entrepreneurship harmonize in a beautiful symphony of life.

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