Tips to Create Highly Engaging Workout / Fitness Videos for Instagram


Health-conscious people and fitness freaks have always depended on fitness gyms and personal trainers to get their dose of serotonin boosts whenever they felt low. Unfortunately, during these dire circumstances triggered by COVID-19, how can one think of performing their daily exercise regimen? We know that most of the gyms and health clubs are closed and fitness classes are canceled since the coronavirus global pandemic is back with a vengeance. Fortunately, many trainers and gyms have started their fitness accounts on Instagram to stay in touch with their esteemed clients. 

According to the U.S.A Today, wellness warriors seem to have already started video streaming for creating fitness regularly on Instagram. The present trend of live streaming or uploading free workout videos on Instagram, motivated by social distancing and home quarantine norms has become quite popular. It is an effective way for bored celebrities and influencers to engage with their target audience, fans, and followers during the global pandemic. 

As per Buzz Feed News, Instagram is exploding with free videos of workouts, however, some fitness trainers claim that the overall market during these dire circumstances has become pretty saturated for fitness gyms, instructors, and trainers to sustain and survive. Some fitness experts with an impressive follower count have been lucky enough to partner with fitness influencers who are constantly sharing their fitness workouts and motivating their fans and followers to participate at the moment. Remember that if you wish to boost your fitness brand and grow your business, it is a good idea to post video clips consistently on Instagram and other prominent social media platforms. 

Reasons to Have a Fitness Account on Instagram

Instagram is a phenomenally popular and successful visual social media platform. Once you create an Instagram fitness account, you will gain easy access to a sizeable audience who are keen on promoting their health, well-being, and overall fitness. Moreover, fitness gyms and trainers get wide exposure to like-minded Instagrammers. 

Establishing contact with these people wouldn’t have been possible without your presence on Instagram. Moreover, when you are active on Instagram, your precise target market can spot you at once. When you postworkout videos, it gives the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your skill and attract potential clients who are looking forward to watching you in action. It goes a long way in building your fitness brand. You will be attracting more and more clients, fans, and followers. You may buy real Instagram followers by contacting a professional digital marketing agency to boost your follower count

Gaining more fitness followers on Instagram automatically helps to build a robust fitness brand. The bigger fitness brands are known to grab the attention of more clients and potential clients who are eager to interact with you and gain professional assistance. Once you are successful in building an impressive follower count, you could gain the status of an Instagram fitness influencer. 

You could be given a lot of importance for being an authority in the fitness world. An Instagram fitness influencer is known to display a high degree of expertise and sound knowledge of everything to do with health and fitness. Instagram is a highly visual platform and is the ultimate destination for posting high-quality video content. 

Here are some secrets to creating top-quality fitness videos for Instagram.

Begin with a Perfect Plan

Irrespective of the marketing stratagem you are thinking of implementing for promoting your fitness brand, you must always identify specific goals. You must understand the precise purpose of creating your fitness video. What is the goal or aspiration of your Instagram fitness account? Is your video about promoting a brand new workout regimen? Are you looking for more Instagram followers for bolstering your fitness brand? Are you thinking in terms of boosting your Instagram followers? Are you trying to provide professional assistance to more Instagrammers in finding success on their health & fitness journey? Once the purpose behind creating and utilizing an Instagram video is crystal clear, consider the kind of audience you will be targeting. You must focus on creating a fitness video to cater to the unique requirements of your target audience. Focus on workouts that will be appreciated and enjoyed by your target audience. Moreover, put in concerted efforts in creating a video that appeals to the sentiments of your specific target audience.

Get Ready with the Equipment Required for Filming a Fitness Video

Once you have chalked out a clear plan focus on filming your workout sessions. It may appear that too many equipment pieces will be necessary to complete the shoot. However, it is enough to just have a robust video recording device, audio recording devices such as a digital recorder and microphone. Lighting equipment plays a crucial role in boosting the overall quality of your video. Your video gets a high-quality feel.

Make a Smart Start

You could begin by filming a 30-second video on your smartphone telling your viewers about the reason why you have a deep passion for your work. You may consider sharing your fitness brand’s overview. To make things easy, you may start by uploading the video footage into a cutting-edge online video creation tool. Then proceed by incorporating background music, your brand’s logo, and text for creating Instagram-friendly content that is easy and quick to share. 

Bonus Tip:

Consider fostering trust by creating and sharing a testimonial video. People are forever interested to know more about your fitness brand before choosing it. When they hear from your present clients and the way they feel about you it helps them to make a decision. A testimonial video is a great way of establishing credibility about your brand without being excessively promotional.


It is ideal to shoot in natural light. Remember positive vibes are bound to be contagious. Your energy and enthusiasm should be reflected in your work so that your viewers are happy, motivated, and engaged.

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