Significance of Understanding Your Customer for Crowdfunding

Customer for Crowdfunding

In the present world where most sales and monetary transactions are taking place online, the significance of understanding who specifically you’re dealing with has become vital. Not only since the corporate sector and regulation have performed the requirement, but also to shield one’s company and monetary interests. This is yet more significant when it arrives to crowdfund where possibly anyone can be a lender or a contributor. The significance of understanding the history of who is transmitting the cash and where particularly their cash is coming from is of great concern. The role of your customer service cannot be emphasized enough in this circumstance. Although crowdfunding is not as organized as other economic sectors, measures are previously being considered to make sure that it is. Before that occurs, companies must ensure that they are prepared. Let’s dive deeper into the idea of crowdfunding and the logic behind the growth in Know Your Customer laws. 

What is Crowdfunding?

Assume you have a specific job or concept that you want to bring in to success, there is just one trick: you don’t have the cash or reserves. What would you do? Most individuals would go to financial institutions or a monetary company to get a credit or maybe borrow from a person if the cost isn’t irrational. Nowadays, therefore, there is another method you can get the funding you require. The idea is crowdfunding, also identified as crowd-sourcing, to fund your plan and that too digitally. Through it, you actually ask individuals to assist your objective, project or concept and individual donate, invest or loan you the cash. 

Therefore, there are various types of crowd-sourcing, we will apply two examples to refine the concept of KYC, identity document verification service and fraud detection services. The two cases are initial coin offerings for crypto and donation-based items that are commonly given with no expectation of gain. 

Uncertainties and Threats Linked with Crowdfunding

There are various disadvantages to uncontrolled online crowdfunding. The initial is the uncertainty of scam and this occurs more often than you wonder particularly during initial coin offering that is maintained by several crypto providers. In ICO people grant or buy tokens or coins as they are frequently referred to. If there aren’t fraud detection services included then the buyers that have acquired a credit/debit card can later regret wolf and assume that they never sent out the amount. This happens in chargebacks and loss for the crypto provider. 

The following threat is money laundering. Individuals have been using crowdsourcing websites to launder cash. This is due to the insufficient of proper KYC procedures and identity document service.  

They usually get away with this fraud and when they do get identified by other medians, all the places they did to launder cash including the crowdfunding platform is brought under examination. To put into view the rigour of this scam, think of what might occur if it was ever attained the presidential campaign of the present United States president was financed by laundered cash. What might happen to the repute of that president and the complete faith that citizens hold in a president? Fortunately, campaign funders are acquired to go through a Know Your Customer procedure that involves extensive background checks. The last warning which is most vital in the post 9/11 period is that crowdsourcing websites can be made a source for terrorist financing and without proper identity document service these investors can be difficult to recognize and catch. 

Know Your Customer and Fraud Detection Service to the Rescue

Assuming these difficult facts, platforms that give crowdsourcing service and crypto providers that conduct initial coin offerings have transformed to professional companies for identity document verification service and fraud detection services. 

These businesses have the system, hardware, and professional to give real-time as well as offline authentication of individual identity. They have also given evidence of investment in the design of registered authentication videos that can be authorized by crowdfunding platforms or initial coin offering providers. Therefore, any possible charge-backs can be found or disputed. In an adverse-case scenario, the entire authenticated data of the person is there so that they can be recognized if required. These crowdfunding providers also counter identity scams and particularly have systems that are ultra-safe. 

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