5 Important Things You Should Do When Learning to Rock Climb



Rock climbing, the adventurous skill activity elevates the stress and boosts the brain function to keep us healthy for forever. If you are a beginner and want to know how to start rock climbing, then you should definitely consider the five things to gain a safe experience.

If you are a beginner and want to know how to start rock climbing, then you should definitely consider the five things to gain a safe experience.

1. Warm Up Your Body

This is the prime step that aids you in making a perfect grip. In the beginning, you will feel tired after the climb on two-three rocks so to avoid these mistakes you should follow the few strategies of warm-up to keep the body in an active position.

  • Raise the pulse rate by doing five minutes of low-intensity activity such as brisk walking, jogging, and cycling that boosts energy in the body and strengthens the muscles to stay them active for rock climbing.
  • Move your shoulders, fingers, hips, neck, legs, back and ankles in a circular motion, and keep the focus on the upper body.
  • Perform a static stretching & experience the flexibility in your body. You can also do dynamic stretching that is vital for climbing because it lubricates the joints and releases the stress thoroughly. It even increases the blood flow in the muscles and lessens the risk of injury.
  • Take a rest for five minutes, and gently slow down the pulse rate to keep the body ready for climbing.

2. Indoors Bouldering

It is the popular form of rock climbing that you can perform at gyms or nearby Bouldering centers. To start the Bouldering session, you will need six to seven essentials like a right pair of climbing shoes, athletic tape, chalk, crash pad, toothbrushes, and a positive attitude.

You can also join the professional Bouldering centers for beginner climbing courses, rock climbing courses that guide you in the right manner. The good thing is you will get a chance to meet new friends to make the rock climbing joyous and memorable.

When you join the gym for bouldering don’t feel embrace if you lay down or don’t grasp the technique the first time. As no one is master, you require positive guts to learn the basic rules from the expert.

It is your duty to ask as many questions from the trainers or keep doing practice to become an adventurer. Don’t forget to ask the beginner level routes before starting the activity.

Most of the gyms use Hueco scales or simple climbing rating system such as V0 or VB that guide you at how to move or go low to high.

3. Start Gaining Full-body Strength

As a newbie climber, you require strength and confidence to do the climbing practice regularly. Otherwise, it may be difficult for you to maintain the right balance over hard rocks.

You can start core exercises to have stronger thighs, legs, and hands. The better you work out for the upper body, the more efficiently you will move from one rock to another.

Few examples of core exercises that are crucial for rock climbing.

  • Squats
  • Burpees
  • Dead Hangs
  • Plank
  • Pull-Downs

These exercises take you on the right gear in rock climbing also keeps your body fit and fine.

4. Breathe as much as You Can

Breathing is the natural activity that will transform the fear in confidence because when you start climbing, you will require enough oxygen to remember the rock routes.

It will keep the mental state clear and provides better visibility to reach the destination.

5. Pay Attention to Other Climbers

Sometimes we use the wrong techniques that don’t let us successful. It is essential for you to find your weakness first and watch the other climbers brush up the climbing skills.

Don’t try to copy them just to see how they move or how they place their fingers or legs, this will help you to understand your weakness.

Even, you can ask them for help in rock climbing. The experience and reliable partner always give you safe ideas and never let you down. Trust your partners and stay connected with them to do excel in rock climbing.

Rock Climbing can be a left-handed game if follow the right techniques and have a passion to learn the climbing skills.

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