Pahadi House: Kanatal’s Sweet Spot

I have to admit, I love the hills, and mountains; so magnificent and so alluring. Thus, I could not, I repeat, I simply could not refuse an open offer to go up to Kanatal, regardless of how cold it was – and it was freezing!

Located, technically between Rishikesh and Dhanaulti, Kanatal holds its own, as I am sure most locals already know.

It is secluded, quiet and serene, oh, and quite picturesque. At about 10,000 feet above sea level, the place can tend to get a tad bit chilly; whom am I kidding, it gets freezing cold.

Anyway, coming back to this open invitation; my husband and I, received an open invitation from the owners – Abhay Sharma and Neha Sharma – of a sweet little spot called Pahadi House, located just off and up the main road, in Kanatal.

It is hidden away so well that we missed it the first time around, and had to turn back to be able to find the place; eventually, we did manage to make our way up the road to the homestay/campsite.

Luckily for us, the day was a beautiful one; the sun was up, the breeze pleasant and the atmosphere warm.

After a short hike, up to the site, and we were greeted by our host, who welcomed us with a hot cup of sweet tea and a tour of the Pahadi House.

The property, at first looks like your average campsite; it has a mix of cottages and tents.

However, upon inspection, we found out that the cottages are refurbished homes, hence the name Pahadi House.

Photo Credits Pahadi House Facebook PageThe rooms are cozy and comfortable; there are attached bathrooms, with the basic amenities – and yes, running water. We are, by now, secretly regretting our decision to not stay back, oh well.

We were given a tour of the entire property by our host, who also showed the sweetest spot at the property; behind the cottages is an open area which has a beautiful view of the Tehri Lake on display. We could not take our eyes off it.

Our moment of quiescence was interrupted by a call for lunch; a simple, part Garhwali, part north Indian – read Punjabi – meal, which satiated our hearts and stomachs, and we really did eat to our heart’s content.

Since we were on a time crunch, we hurriedly left the picturesque Pahadi House, thanking our courteous host, promising to return soon.

My 10-second takeaway:

Compared to the other, more expensive and luxurious properties in Kanatal, Pahadi House is a pleasant change. Even though it is like your typical campsite, but it offers a taste of a Garhwali homestay, which, as we all know, is hard to find. Both Abhay and Neha, have done an excellent job in the upkeep of the place and made sure, that in their absence, their staff too does great work; they’re courteous, warm and extremely welcoming. Experience the place for its hospitality, uniqueness and the picturesque views of the surrounding hills.