8 Exciting Reasons to Visit Burlington, VT


Burlington, Vermont is a city that has so much to offer. You can visit breweries and breweries, go shopping at Burlington Mall or visit the Ben & Jerry’s Factory during your visit to Burlington.

There are also many museums in Burlington like the Champlain Glass Museum and the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts. This blog post will provide you with eight reasons why you should visit Burlington, VT.

1. There are Plenty of Factory Tours

If you visit Burlington, VT then be sure to visit the Ben & Jerry’s Factory. The tour is free and it only takes about 25 minutes to complete. You can buy plenty of different flavors in their store after your factory tour!

In addition, there are many other factories that have tours throughout Vermont like Cabot Cheese and Gardener’s Supply Company (GSC).

2. You Can Visit Many Summer Festivals

There are many festivals throughout the summer in Burlington, VT.

Some of these include The Waterfront Park Summer Series and Splash at the Boathouse!

These events provide a great opportunity to visit Burlington while enjoying music from several different artists that you love. There’s also plenty of food vendors during these times too.

If you visit Vermont then be sure to visit Champlain Islands between May-October because there is always an outdoor festival going on somewhere along this island chain.

In addition, if you’re looking for something more lowkey than these larger festivals can offer then visit Church Street Marketplace which hosts live musicians every day all year round.

3. You Can Enjoy Plenty of Local Specialties

If you visit Burlington, VT then be sure to visit the many different restaurants that are found throughout this city.

Some of these include The Great Escape Room Burlington and Grill which is known for their beer selection as well as Northern Waters Smokehaus where they make all kinds of smoked meats including salmon, trout, beef short ribs, and more.

There are also several locally owned pizzerias and sandwich shops in Burlington.

You can visit A Single Pebble for their authentic Chinese and Thai cuisine, Mad Taco where they serve Mexican-style tacos with a Vermont twist, or visit El Cortijo which serves up delicious Guatemalan dishes including pupusas (stuffed tortillas) that will leave your mouth watering.

4. Outdoor Activities are Very Popular Here

If you visit Burlington, VT then be sure to check out the many outdoor activities that are available.

Some of these include hiking through the trails at Mount Philo which is a short and easy hike where you can enjoy gorgeous views from Vermont’s highest point or visit Camel’s Hump State Park for an even more challenging hike with beautiful scenic views throughout your entire journey all while being surrounded by nature!

In addition, there are plenty of opportunities to bike in Burlington whether it is on land around Lake Champlain or water when bicycling across one of several islands located in this lake.

Not only do people come here for their love of nature but they also visit because there are many different events going on year-round including farmers’ markets and live concerts.

5. You Can Go Sailing in Lake Champlain

If you visit Burlington, VT then is sure to visit the many nearby islands that can easily be reached by boat.

You can visit several of these and stop for a picnic or spend the night at one of them because there are campgrounds on most if not all of these islands!

One very popular island is Grand Isle which is only accessible by boat through North Hero where there’s plenty to do whether it is swimming in their beautiful beaches (which also provide amazing views), hiking up Camel’s Hump Mountain, or camping out here overnight.

This island has everything from waterfront dining to boutiques and shops located throughout this town as well as yummy ice cream parlors like Myer’s Ice Cream Shop.

6. The Shelburne Museum is Here

If you visit Burlington, VT then be sure to visit the popular Shelburne Museum which is located about 20 minutes away from the downtown area.

This museum offers a variety of activities that people can enjoy during their visit including something called “Chocolate Lovers Weekends”.

This is where they teach visitors how chocolate has been enjoyed for centuries as well as explore its role in Vermont’s history and culture through different exhibits throughout this entire museum.

In addition, there are plenty of famous buildings on display here such as Thomas Jefferson’s home Monticello or George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate.

There are also over 230 acres worth of gardens with many unique plants from all around the world along with several outdoor trails that will allow you to take some amazing photos while exploring.

7. You Can Walk Everywhere You Want to Go

The best thing about visiting Burlington is that you can walk everyone you want to go.

You can visit here for breakfast in one of over 40 different cafés/restaurants including Hungry Bear Pancake House or head on down to The Daily Planet Cafe which serves up fresh sandwiches, soups, salads as well as smoothies, and great coffee.

8. Burlington is One of the Most Unique Cities in the Country

If you visit Burlington, VT then be sure to visit the National Park Service’s Lake Champlain Visitor Center for some cool escape rooms and activities.

In addition, you can visit here on a Friday night from May through September where they host a free weekly concert in the park located right outside of this visitor center.

There are also plenty of other unique things about this city such as their bike-sharing program which is great if you don’t have your own bicycle with you or just want to ride along with one of several trails that were built specifically for biking purposes.

Ready to Visit Burlington, VT?

As you can see, there are so many reasons to visit Burlington, VT. This city is truly one of the most unique in the country and offers many attractions. If you plan on visiting this amazing city, there is no shortage of Burlington attractions to take part in.

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