Worldwide Fintech Festivals Offers Opportunities, Discuss Challenges And Solutions

Worldwide Fintech Festivals Offers Opportunities, Discuss Challenges And Solutions

The full form of fintech is “financial technology”. It is the modernism of technology and conventional financial methods that give you the best financial services. This financial technology plays an essential role to improve industrial financial activities. It is a new application, product, business methods, and process into the financial industry. These services are provided with the help of end to end via the internet. The main areas where fintech works are in banking services, management services, insurance services, worldwide economy services, electronics services. Forbes, the financial magazine created worldwide Fintech Festivals where they recognize the most innovative industries or companies in fintech. Many countries on this planet follow this fintech festival. Those are the United Kingdom fintech festival, Indian Fintech Festival, New York Fintech Festival, California Fintech, Singapore fintech festival, Hong Kong, Germany, and Australia Fintech Festival, etc.

Worldwide Fintech Festivals in Some Countries:

Here I discuss some countries where worldwide fintech festivals hosted. They are:

Fintech Festival in Singapore:

Fintech festival in Singapore was held in November 2019 and it was back in fourth years later. In her, it is the biggest fintech event in the world that providing a world platform for this community. This event works for collaborating, worldwide business connection and co-create new innovation. The major features of this event are to driving ecosystem worldwide. The theme of this event conference was the future of the finance, sustainability of finance and technology, growth of the small business, global market opportunities, investment, and exponential technologies.  The conference also showed us the global business and digitalization of business. Fintach festival creates an open platform of seamless trade, the innovation of SMEs and financial services. The conference focused on urban solutions, advanced manufacturing, biomedical sciences and health, digital economy.

This event recognizes award show and gives it to the personalities who can solve any innovative financial solutions. Those personalities were taken from technology companies and financial technologies. A total of twelve winners were selected for this financial event and they were given prizes on various categories like ASEAN Open, ASEAN SME, Singapore founder, wealth management, financial inclusion, and global financial, etc. This global venture summit brings seventeen venture capitals, family office investors, and corporate venture capitals. Those capitals shared their business strategies, impacting inclusion, long term value creations, strategies to unlock business growth, etc.

Indian Fintech Festival:

Fintech festival in India will be held in March 2020. In Maharashtra, this Indian Fintech Festival will be held and that will present the global platform and it is the showcase of various chances of business, industries and other growing business. The main theme of this event is to discuss the business challenges and try to find out its solutions. FinTech Convergence Council and Mumbai Fintech Hub will organize this event collaboratively. This fintech festival also powered by Invest India, World Bank, NITI AAYOG and other program partners. This also backed by the state government. This festival will follow the terms and conditions and policies of fintech.

Hong Kong Fintech Week:

Hong Kong Fintech Week was held from October to November 2018. It was the set of the world’s first cross border fintech festival events that showed the countries financial growth. 8000 attendees came to this event. This event organized and presented with the help of Finovate and Finnnovasia and other insurance authorities. In this event conference, there were discussing the nature of the dynamic cities and strategic advantage of the industries. Fintech start and scale their business in Asia with the help of Hong Kong as a lunch pad. The main features of this event are start-up academy, site consultations, and opportunities. Selected companies went through the program and mate with the relevant stakeholders like government, investors, regulators, associations, venture capitalists, institutions and accelerators. This festival event provided a platform to meet with the right people for collaboration, investment opportunities, financial funding, and more platforms.

Australia’s Fintech Festival:

Australia’s fintech festival has campaigned the part of first gender equality and it derived the increase of female participants in Australia. It was an important part of this event. This festival event announced that they will be seeking to have an equal number of male and female speakers. It had a strong commitment to gender equality, increased female leadership, and participation in the fintech industry. It also showed the incredible and courageous works that were done by women among the growing industries.

In this article, I try to give an informative discussion about the worldwide fintech festival those were held a few years back and upcoming event. I hope, now it is clear to you that what the main theme of this festival is.

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