Which Social Media Platform is Best for Your Business

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Many social media platforms have been built in the last 10 years. Most of them have failed, leaving only a handful of people on the social media platform Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Most companies have now started taking advantage of a large number of users who have these platforms to promote their own business. As long as it is possible that your brand can be recognized on more and more platforms, it can take a lot of hard work and time to build your presence on one of them, let alone everyone. This guide will outline how you can decide on a social media platform to really focus on your marketing efforts.

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Facebook is an ideal marketing platform if you are a small, local business. You can run your Facebook page to organic users who are from a certain region, such as a city or state. That way, if you are providing a local service, your followers will pass and therefore be able to come to your physical store to buy Facebook page likes your products or services. This is in contrast to Twitter and Instagram, as users on those websites often do not share their location depending on which country they are from.


If it suits your type of business, Twitter can be a great marketing tool. Twitter’s user-base is generally more of a tech-savvy nature. This means that technology companies find Twitter to be a very useful medium for marketing their products and services. For example, recently companies in the blockchain space have been heavily using Twitter to develop their audiences. So if your organization appeals to the target market of people who are interested in technology or need a certain level of intelligence in this area, Twitter is the ideal platform to focus your marketing efforts.


Finally, Instagram regularly flicks more like people. Primarily, Instagram boasts a relatively young user base (teens and people in their 20s), who are quite hip and trendy. Therefore, Instagram is an ideal platform to promote your business if you are selling goods, in which a large number of people are interested. This means that companies such as clothing brands or organizations that are selling trendy products will find Instagram a very useful tool to promote their business… Posting images for a large number of Instagram followers has proven to be a very successful strategy for these types of brands, especially when the photos are eye-catching and imaginative.

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