5 Unique Wedding Dress Trends You Might Not Have Considered

Wedding Dress Trends

If you’re not sure why brides still wear the same traditional wedding dress, you can blame Queen Victoria. Back when she wore a white dress in 1840, onlookers considered the look unusual but quickly started to mimic the style.

Today, wedding dress trends have come a long way, even if we still love the classic look of a stunning white ballgown. Whether you’re hoping to add a modern touch to your big day or you’d love a pop of color, there’s plenty you can do to personalize your look! Read on for a few wedding dress 2023 trends worth considering.

1. Stunning Sleeves

Sleeves are nothing new in the world of wedding dresses, but most modern brides tend to opt for a classic sleeveless look. However, sleeved gowns have been making a comeback since Kate Middleton donned her lace-sleeved wedding dress back in 2011.

Today, a huge range of sleeve styles is becoming popular. Bell, flutter, lantern, and butterfly sleeves are just a few of the styles you’ll find on modern dresses. Vintage-inspired styles are becoming popular as well.

2. Black Dresses

The classic white ballgown may be a staple for brides, but more modern women than ever are opting for black instead. The color makes a bold and sophisticated statement. It also lets brides express their personality with an elegant and non-traditional look.

The right black wedding dresses can be moody and romantic, allowing brides to experiment with textures and designs.

3. Asymmetrical Necklines

Symmetrical necklines have their place, and there’s no harm in opting for one. However, it’s no wonder a break in symmetry is popular in 2023 wedding dress trends! Asymmetrical styles can be gorgeous, eye-catching, and dramatic.

Depending on your style, you can find everything from one-shouldered Grecian necklines to modern, boxy looks. Have fun playing with different fashions!

4. Mini Dresses

Guests no longer raise their eyebrows at a bride’s raised hemlines, but those hems are getting higher than ever. Mini-wedding dresses have become a huge part of current wedding dress trends.

If you’re not afraid to show a bit of skin, mini-dresses can be a great choice. However, if you’re on the fence, consider a high-low design for a modern touch that gives you the best of both worlds.

5. Form-Fitting Silhouettes

Flowing ballgowns have long been a staple at weddings, but form-fitting looks are shaking up this norm. A bold, body-hugging design may not be traditional, but many brides aren’t afraid to create sexy silhouettes.

Whether you prefer mini or floor-length dresses, these form-fitting looks will catch the eye. However, you may want to add a slit for easy movement if you pick one of these trending wedding dresses!

Go Bold With These Wedding Dress Trends

If you’re hoping to add a personal touch to your dress, consider these wedding dress trends for your big day! From gorgeous sleeves to bold colors to form-fitting styles, the details of your dress can help you feel stunning as you walk down the aisle.

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