Women’s branded sneakers are not only a tribute to fashion but also a significant investment in your own health. High-quality shoes, besides allowing you to move with comfort, ensure safety during training. But how do you choose a really high quality and suitable sneaker?

There is a very large assortment on the market, there are sneakers for tourism, sports, everyday walks. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with this material in order to understand this variety and get a good pair.

What to look for when choosing women’s branded sneakers

What should be the ideal branded sneakers:

  • Convenient. Comfort is the main quality of any shoe, regardless of the brand.
  • Suitable in size. The sneakers should not wobble or squeeze your foot.
  • Breathable. The material of sports shoes must provide sufficient air circulation.
  • Securely fixing the ankle joint.
  • High quality, made in compliance with all production requirements.
  • Capable of withstanding maximum loads.

It is known that the legs can swell in the evening and, as a result, increase in size. Therefore, it is advisable to buy any shoes in the afternoon to avoid squeezing the feet in the future.

How women’s branded sneakers differ from men’s

It is logical that sneakers, like any other clothing and footwear, can be male or female. In the unisex models, suitable for everyone and intended for wearing in everyday life, you cannot go in for sports, they are more like fashion accessories than sports equipment.

Features of women’s brand sneakers:

  • catchy colors, decorative elements (male models, as a rule, have a restrained design);
  • the anatomical structure of the feet in men and women has significant differences, therefore, the pads of tall combat boots are made narrower;
  • the heel in women’s branded sneakers is made higher, which helps to reduce the risk of injury to the Achilles tendon;
  • the material for making women’s shoes has great elasticity;
  • Since women tend to be lighter than men, the cushioning level of women’s athletic shoes should not be as high;
  • additional elements – laces, insoles – smaller, but at the same time strong enough;
  • the presence of the “W” mark helps to distinguish female from male models.

Varieties and functional features of branded sneakers for women

Most modern sports shoe brands boast the widest selection of both men’s and women’s sneakers. The endless rows of various models sometimes baffle the buyer. Of course, having the opportunity to choose is good, but how not to get confused among the many options and choose the branded sneakers that are right for you? First of all, it is necessary to decide on the purpose of this or that pair. All sneakers presented in stores are divided into models for everyday wear and for sports. The following groups of women’s branded sneakers can be distinguished:

1. For running

They are distinguished from other models by improved stabilization and a higher level of shock absorption. The heel of the running shoe has been reinforced, while the forefoot has been made lighter and more flexible. The grooved or zigzag outsole reduces stress on the feet. Since the foot is securely fixed, the risk of injury and sprains is minimized.

The increased shock absorption protects the joints and tendons and reduces stress on the spine. High-quality running shoes are lightweight because they are made of modern high-tech materials. When choosing which brand-name women’s sneakers to buy, note that running models should sit freely on their feet. This will reduce friction and prevent calluses and cracks in your nails.

2. For walking

This is a kind of women’s branded sneakers with a high, grooved, and rather a rigid sole, and due to which their weight is slightly more than that of running shoes. At the same time, the upper of the shoe is made of soft material with circular stitching, and the toe is made of rubber.

For greater comfort and prevention of flat feet, walking shoes are equipped with an instep support. Athletic shoes for each activity have their own characteristics, so do not walk in jogging shoes and vice versa. If the focus is on freedom of movement in running models, then women’s branded walking shoes should securely fix the foot to avoid sprains and sprains.

3. For the gym

To reduce the risk of injury and increase the effectiveness of your exercise, you need to choose a model designed specifically for the gym. Women’s branded sneakers for training in the gym must meet a number of requirements, without which you risk not only getting tired faster but also getting injured. So, what are the criteria for evaluating gym shoes:

  • how well the upper material allows air to pass through;
  • if sneakers are too heavy;
  • Does the brand pair have a special design without seams that will protect your feet from chafing.

Only if all the requirements are met, the model can be used for training in the gym. In addition to the obvious convenience, such shoes will help you perform your exercises more accurately for better results.

How to choose the right women’s brand sneakers

Athletic shoes require careful selection, as they depend on comfort and safety during training. To be confident in the purchased branded sneakers, you need to try them out in the store, that is, perform a few exercises. The following simple but effective rules will help you make your choice.

1. Stock on length

According to the recommendations of experts, shoes for active activities and sports should be slightly larger than the usual size. For the feet to be comfortable and at the same time the sneakers do not fall off, it is enough that the distance between the toe of the shoe and the thumb is about 1.5 centimeters. You can use your thumb to determine the desired gap since its width is on average 15 mm.

2. The shape of the sneaker follows the shape of the foot

In carefully crafted women’s branded sneakers, the instep must match the lateral arch of the foot. It is important that even at the stage of trying on the sneakers sit tightly on the leg, regardless of the degree of tightness of the lacing.

3. Fixed heel

Choosing among the variety of models of women’s branded sneakers, try on each of them and walk a little. Make sure that the heel is in place, not moving left and right. This movement will be inconvenient when playing sports and can cause injuries and blisters.

4. Fitting in socks only

Take the socks in which you plan to train with you to the store. If you are accustomed to using orthopedic insoles, you should also take them for fitting. All this will help you choose the right Stylo shoes that fit perfectly on your feet. The slightest nuance of the fit of the sneaker on the foot can create discomfort. Plus, it’s much more hygienic to use your socks.

5. You need to run wisely

Convenience is not enough to find the perfect women’s brand running shoe. Find out your personality traits such as distance, pronation, and running style. All of this will help you buy shoes with enough cushioning and foot support to make your jogging enjoyable and rewarding.

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