Women’s oxfords are the uniform of the new working badass

Women’s oxfords

Women’s oxfords are exploding in popularity and frankly, it is just in time. It’s an awesome, academic style shoe that you can wear in a more classy environment, or use them in your work ensemble. 

Be prepared to be the working badass with a strong pair of oxfords. We hope you like the sound of your heels clicking on the tile because with oxfords you get the best possible iteration of that sound. 

But why even wear womens oxfords in the office in the first place? 

Most important is while oxfords are classy, they’re also comfortable. The fashion gods have had a good few decades to get this style right and the innovation shoes. Break-in your oxfords carefully and you’ll be able to wear them nonstop with no interruptions.

There is a playfulness to oxfords too. You feel like you can practically run in them. You definitely feel like you can dance in them. Break in a good pair of oxfords and really feel the energy inherent in your newfound agility. 

Secondly, oxfords are traditionally a men’s shoe, but the updates that designers have made to bring them into the women’s fashion space make them all the more classy. Make sure you get a pair that has a bolder color or even a strong mix of materials to establish yourself as a trendsetter and an irrefutable badass in the office. 

One annoying thing about office life is how many different moments you have to dress for, there’s your normal workday plus post-work drinks or even formal work events during work hours. Oxfords have you covered for all those possible occasions, don’t even think twice, just adapt the rest of your outfit around your oxfords throughout the day and you’ll be golden. 

Don’t be afraid to get something bold like a two-tone oxford to accent your more reserved work ensembles, or be even bolder by going full monochromatic with either a rich cognac pair of pure black paired with matching tones in your outfit. Monochromatic is a great way to refine your outfit without over-obsessing over the details. 

But go for the gold too, literally. Getting this familiar form crafted out of a gold textile will really tell the office who’s going to be their boss someday. 

Oxfords will help you telegraph that you’re on a fast elevator to the c-suite. Use them in a classic outfit that says you’ve been in charge and show no signs of stopping. You are the utilitarian ultra-worker able to cut inefficiencies to the bone and scale the heck out of profits. That’s the power of oxfords, their old school design paired with newser bolder styles lets you telegraph that you understand the past but are ready to forge the future. 

What looks do you think will work in the oxford game? Should you keep them classic and reserved or go for louder tow-tone looks? Let us know below. Otherwise, continue being as strong and awesome as you are and wear oxfords as you march to the future.


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