Anti Drug Squad Formed To Curb Drug Abuse In Dehradun And Uttarakhand

 In order to tackle the drug problem that has gripped the state of Uttarakhand, an Anti-Drug Squad (ADS) has been introduced by the State Police.

The first-of-its-kind team in the state will be first tried and tested in Dehradun. Satisfactory results from the squad in the state capital will lead to its introduction in Haridwar in the second phase and then in the whole state thereafter.

The newly formed police squad would primarily focus on youth in order to keep them from the use of drugs, especially psychotic drugs.

SP Rural Shweta Chaubey and SP City Ajay Singh were appointed as the nodal officers in the district for rural and city areas respectively.

In truth, the over-use of drugs and alcohol has been a cause of great concern for the state. A healthy portion of the youth in Dehradun and the state as well has been affected by these illegal substances. The grave problem is the increasing number of such young ones.

DIG Pushpak Jyoti gave insight about ADS saying that the team will also have a ‘Drug Inspector’ along with Police Inspector. ADS will also keep a check on the medicinal drugs requesting the wholesale and retail chemists to not to sell the banned drugs to youth without proper and legal prescription.

SSP Sweety Agarwal said anti-drug squad has been formed to check drug abuse in the district. She said police would coordinate with NGOs, education institutions’ management, chemists, rehabilitation centers to create awareness among youth to deter the use of drugs.

The city police had initiated a drive to tighten the noose around drug pedlars in the city. An instruction was given to COs and SHOs to start awareness drive in schools and colleges to check misuse of drugs and contraband substances.