DrSundeepKochar takes to the pavilion for deciding the fate of Mrs. India, 2019

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The beauty, talent, confidence, intelligence and compassion of women should be celebrated at all times. It holds true for all women as their dreams should not be uncompromised by the responsibilities on their shoulders. For mid-career, married women, or mothers to beautiful kids, don’t let your duties dull the ‘shine’ in you, and enroll yourselves in Mrs. India, 2019!

With an honorable jury, this year’s competition will be judged by some of the leading names, including India’s leading astrologer and a notable life coach, DrSundeepKochar.

Dr. Kochar, having been associated with some of the renowned names in the country, has invested his knowledge in astrology to help people live better. On being a part of the jury, SundeepKochar expressed his gratitude to Diana Hayden former Miss World and BinitaShrivastavafounder & National director Visionary Global Mrs. India said, “This is a beautiful platform for women to showcase their talent and fulfill their dreams.”

He also conveyed his best wishes to all the participants, thus, uplifting their spirit and encouraging them to come and participate. Women strive to fulfill their duties, keeping their aspirations in parallel, and more often, the fulfillment of the former requires compromising the latter. However, through this opportunity, women have a chance to accomplish their dream of being in the spotlight and influencing thousands, thus making a difference in the world for better.

The modern women of today, who work hard and are compassionate too, can make for the perfect title holders. This exclusive opportunity will bring together women from different cultures, identities, and families, giving them a chance to present their real selves and feel empowered.

Celebrating the spirit of womanhood, the Mrs. India® Beauty Pageant gives every deserving married woman a chance to pursue her dreams and showcase her talents where the world can witness and laude them.

Being in the jury panel, one of the best astrologers in India SundeepKochar seemed optimistic about the event bringing in some of the best talents from across the country. He says, “The approach is to move beyond the stereotypical definitions of beauty and focus on intrinsic values that these women hold as well, and in case even if you don’t win the prestigious crown, competing for Mrs. India, 2019 is an amazing way to socialize and work toward your cherished goals.”

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