INDIA In 2030: Transpiring Superpower

India has the unique privilege of a ‘Demographic Dividend’ under which, 60% of India’s population is below the age of 35. The future looks bright and aspiration seems optimistic. However, it is essential to have a clear vision regarding the possibilities of the future. It could be considered as a target year for setting realistic goals and achieving them on the basis of available resources.

India in 2030 must see a fully literate India. 100% literacy among men, women, and transgenders. Not just literacy, but higher education must be affordable for everyone.

Secondly, the education system must be linked with the job market and our education system must produce a skilled workforce for absorption among all sectors, resulting in high output and an expanding economy.

But we must be very cautious here, that expansion must not lead to the growth of inequalities in society, but should be inclusive, leading to high standards of living among all Indians.

The year 2030 must see the light of gender equality. There must be no discrimination.

Article 14 of the constitution of India and the preamble which calls for equality must be professed in the truest spirit.

There must be equal pay for equal work across all genders. Women must be empowered and free from the clutches of male chauvinism. Honor killing, gender inflicted malnutrition & unequal education must disappear. I want to see women at the helm, shouldering all challenges with men, equally.

How about the Chief of Defense forces in 2030 be a woman? It would be an honor to have a day like that.

India in 2030 must be externally protected and internally secured. The threat of terrorism and crime must disappear.

Roads must be safe for women. It must be free from religious extremism, regional bias, and politically motivated and vested interests.

For that, we need to have effective policing and a robust defense. It must not only be limited to the physical world but in the age of information technology, our critical information infrastructure must be protected. Hence, our cyber frontiers must be protected along with physical boundaries.

It must be an age of clean air in India. Pollution must be eradicated. Our future generations must live in a safe environment. Epidemics like Malaria, Dengue must be wiped off.

In the year 2030, I want to see a clean India, a Green India. India must be an innovation hub or I should say Research and Development capital of the world. India must be a road to the future for the world. A model state.

For such dreams to be true, we must be ready for grave challenges. First and foremost, we must improve our infrastructure. Money must be invested in the growth of human capital. Skill development requires a gigantic push. I visualize India as a model state which will lead the world into an era of peace, stability, and security. Then, we will be able to live up to the truest meaning of ‘sare Jahan se accha Hindustan Hamara’ (Our country India is better than the rest of the world)