Successful elbow transplant at Nayati Medicity

elbow transplant at Nayati Medicity

In the Orthopedic department of the region’s largest hospital, patients from all walks of life avail all types of treatments and fixes related to Orthopedics. With scores of joint replacements performed, orthopedic consultations and surgeries, Nayati’s Orthopedic department is setting new dimensions of success – with the help of renowned doctors and the best technology. 

More recently, the hospital’s ortho department successfully transplanted an elbow – making it rather audacious progress in medical care. In the field of medicine, elbow transplant is a very complex surgery performed by only a handful of surgeons in the country.

In a recent comment, Nayati Medicity Chairperson Niira Radia said, “Every department of Nayati Medicity plays an important role in providing better healthcare. At Nayati, we are very happy with the growing trust of people in our services. Due to our excellent doctors and world-class technology, we are able to provide medical facilities, otherwise limited to metropolitan cities. Furthermore, having all the facilities under one roof helps the doctors do their work better. 

Dr. Rajeev Sharma, Chairman of the Orthopedic department, and a man well known for having performed over 10,000 joint replacements said that Kamlesh Devi was troubled by the shortness of her elbow for a long time, she got her treatment in many places but could not get any relief. 

“When she came to us, her elbow was not working properly and needed an immediate transplant. Now, the elbow is the part of the body that lies just below the skin and is surrounded by a lot of muscles, in which the dry muscle helps to keep the elbow straight. The bones of patients with this type of problem are also very weak, due to which there is always a risk of the elbow breaking or cracking.”

“That said, there is a network of nerves around the elbow, due to which the removal of the elbow from its place and then reshaping is also rather difficult, thus requiring a lot of experience on part of the surgeon. There are more than 10,000 joints in our body, in which the elbow joint is the most difficult joint. Thus, in the surgery, we paired the elbow with Humerus and Ulna by Artificial Surface, so that it could function well. After the operation, support was placed to support the elbow in the hand, which was removed a few days later. The surgery would help Kamlesh Devi lead a normal life, with a normally functioning elbow.”