Here’s How To Pick The Best Dyson Vacuum For You

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When it comes to testing vacuum cleaners, it’s much easier to switch on a robot vacuum and watch it go than to test handheld models when you are the one that will be doing all the hard work! The standard test for vacuums is generally to run it across both low-pile and mid-pile carpet, as well as over hard floors. 

No stone left unturned. 

When the test is done, before they put the particular Dyson on sale, the test is also run relative to the width of the nozzle on the unit. This is because different widths will result in various suction capacities – the same power spread over a larger nozzle is likely to be less concentrated than what it would be in a more focused area. The nozzle widths are tested relative to different types of flooring, resulting in multiple test results from which the engineers can draw their conclusions about the units. 

The trick is to determine the soil density, in other words, how much dirt is there to be cleaned within a designated area. Vacuum cleaner integrity is regulated by the International Electrotechnical Commission, which oversees the testing procedures according to which vacuum cleaners are graded, and all vacuum cleaner manufacturers are held to these standards internationally. Having a universal standard helps to keep quality on par around the world, particularly if a brand makes a specific claim about a product, and it needs to hold true no matter what country the unit is sent to. 

I want a Dyson, but they are so expensive!

Although you pay for quality, it is undeniable that Dyson vacuums are highly-priced. However, all is not lost, as it is still possible to get one without breaking the bank. When you go to your next Dyson vacuum sale, take a look at the V8 Absolute. This is a mid-range cordless unit, which has been on the market for a few years already, and as such, the price is not as high as would have been the case with a new release. Despite its age, the V8 provided a very competitive suction ability and did everything it was expected to do, at a high standard and without struggling. The V11 is slightly more robust and more expensive if you want to move up from here.  

So what can the V8 do? Just under 100% of the sand put on a hard floor during testing was removed, although this performance was about 40% lower when tested on low-pile carpets. Mid Pile carpets unfortunately only resulted in about halfway capacity of cleaning. Although this is still good by vacuum cleaner standards, remember that there are stronger machines. 

When tested on pet hair, the V8 gave a solid performance, clearing it entirely from low-pile and mid-pile carpets. The most significant inconvenience was the hair that became caught up around the brush roll of the unit, but with a bit of manual intervention, this can quickly be taken care of. 

The V8 also comes with a decent selection of extensions, covering everything from dusting to crevice cleaning, an attachment to prevent scratches on wooden floors, and the magic brush roll, which helps sweep up dirt and pet hair. It comes with a docking station where you can charge the unit, and all of this comes at a far lower price than most of the other units in the range.


Don’t overlook the V10

Dyson sales in Australia have also indicated great interest in the V10, known for its sizeable dust-catching ability. In general, cordless vacuums do not have the capacity that a corded unit might have, and as such, are notorious for having to be emptied more often while cleaning. 

Compared to the V8, the V10 offers 40% greater capacity for holding dirt and even has an impressively designed dust cup to make the unpleasant job of dumping out the dust easier and more efficient, with no mess – allergy sufferers, rejoice!

Cyclone wonderland

The V10 boasts a whopping 14 cyclones. Their combined force can exceed 79,000G, which whips dust, pollen, and pet dander right off the surface and into the bin. Its unique filter system helps keep a more significant percentage of allergens locked into the container to prevent them from flying out back into your environment, where irritants can cause distress and illness. This tight retention system is one of Dyson’s main selling points and is why Dyson is so popular amongst allergy sufferers.