7 Common Fireplace Buying Errors and How to Avoid Them

Fireplace Buying Errors

Did you know buying a fireplace for your home might be one of the best decisions you ever make? It can improve the appearance of it, make it warmer, and even encourage your family to spend more time together.

There are so many benefits of fireplaces. But before you move forward with investing in one, you should learn about the biggest fireplace buying errors homeowners sometimes make.

If you make any of these fireplace buying errors, you might not be able to make the most of purchasing one. You might even come to regret it if you’re not careful.

Check out the seven most common fireplace buying errors below and learn about how you can avoid them.

1. Choosing the Wrong Type of Fireplace

If you haven’t ever purchased a fireplace before, you might not be aware of the fact that there are different types of fireplaces. You can choose from either an electric fireplace, a gas fireplace, or a wood fireplace.

There is something to be said for each of these types of fireplaces. So you shouldn’t just go with whichever one you’re most familiar with and hope for the best. You should explore what each type of fireplace brings to the table and choose the one you like the most.

2. Selecting the Wrong Fireplace Style

Outside of considering which type of fireplace you would like to go with, you should also give thought to which fireplace style will work best in your home. There should be several different fireplace styles and features available to you.

From traditional fireplaces to linear fireplaces to custom fireplaces, you’ll be able to consider a handful of options. You should steer clear of picking one that’s going to clash with the style of the rest of your home and go with one that’ll complement everything else in your house while still stealing the show.

3. Picking the Wrong Size Fireplace

These days, you can buy a fireplace that is almost any size you’d like it to be. Whether you want to cram it into a tight corner or let it breathe by taking up one whole wall, you can pick the size that’s going to produce the right results for your home.

But be aware that if you choose a fireplace that’s very small, it might not produce enough heat for your home. At the same time, if you choose one that’s too large, it might take up too much space and cut into your square footage in a major way.

You’ll typically want to look for a fireplace that’ll fit somewhere in between these two extremes. It’ll help you avoid making one of the worst fireplace buying errors.

4. Purchasing a Fireplace From the Wrong Place

When you’re in the market for a fireplace, you should be able to find at least a few places in your general vicinity that’ll be able to supply you with one. You should see which fireplace installer is the best one of the bunch and run with them as your fireplace supplier.

To see what your options will be, you should search for something like “fireplace installation near me” and look at the options that appear. It should give you a much better idea as to which fireplace installer would be your best bet.

5. Paying Too Much for a Fireplace

From the second you start shopping around for a fireplace, you should have a budget in mind. Ideally, you’ll want to find a fireplace that’s going to fit into your budget so that you don’t end up breaking the bank on it.

If you’re going to splurge on a fireplace, you may also want to explore which fireplaces will help you save money over the long run. Some fireplaces will heat your home so effectively that you won’t have to worry about running your HVAC system all winter long.

6. Putting a Fireplace in the Wrong Spot

You’ll need to decide where you would like to put a fireplace in your home. This is something that should be at the forefront of your mind as you’re shopping around for it.

The location of your fireplace will help you settle on everything from the style you want to the size you go with in the end. It’s why it’ll be so important for you to choose the right spot for your fireplace from the very beginning.

By doing this, you’ll put yourself in a much better position to pick out a fireplace that’s going to fit into this space nicely.

7. Buying a Fireplace at the Wrong Time

There are certain times of the year that will be better for buying a fireplace than others. The spring and summer, for example, might be better times than the fall and winter.

Why? Well, when you buy a fireplace in the fall or winter, you’ll be buying it during the busy season for fireplace installers. So they’ll be able to charge you a pretty penny for a fireplace without batting an eye.

But when you buy a fireplace in the spring or summer, fireplace installers will often be on the slower side. It could lead to you getting a much better deal on a fireplace and being able to choose the right time to have it installed.

Don’t Make These Fireplace Buying Errors

As you’ve seen here, there are more than a few fireplace buying errors that you can make when you’re purchasing one. Do your best to avoid them so that you enjoy a great experience while having a new fireplace installed.

You’ll be able to benefit from your new fireplace more when you purchase the right fireplace for the right price and put it in the right place. Read through more of our blog articles to get additional home improvement tips and tricks.

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