The technology behind Double Glazed Windows and How It Works

Double Glazing Windows

Double glazing technology is a definite leap forward to make our homes and offices energy efficient. The technology is being used indoors and windows to insulate our homes. People who want to renovate their homes and make them more energy-efficient prefer choosing double glazing windows.

In addition to energy efficiency, double glazed windows also prevent external noises from entering your house. But how these windows are so energy efficient and insulating to prevent the passage of sound? Let us know everything about double glazing windows in this post.

What are double glazed windows?

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The double glazed windows are so-called as they have two panes in contrast to the single pane in standard windows. The two glass panes are placed close to each other with a little space known as an air gap or air pocket. Together glass and air pocket creates insulation and prevent the passage of heat energy through the pane.

How double glazed windows work?

Double glazed windows comprise two panes of glass with an air pocket between them. Now, heat passes through good conductor materials quickly but not through bad conductors. For example, steel is a good conductor of heat, while wood is a bad conductor. Similarly, the air is a bad conductor of heat; that is why manufacturers create an air pocket in the double glazed panes.  

As air is a bad conductor of heat, it prevents the passage of heat from passing through the pane. Moreover, when air is trapped between two glass sheets, the passage of heat becomes more difficult. In this way, the double glazed window panes lock the hot or cold air inside your house, maintaining the temperature of your interiors.

To improve the energy efficiency and insulation of your windows, manufacturers also fill them with argon instead of air. As argon is an inert gas, it does not conduct anything, nor it is affected by the heat or cold. Therefore, the window panes filled with Argon are more efficient than those containing air or vacuum.

Why install double glazed windows?

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Many people prefer double glazed windows to maintain the interior temperature and energy efficiency of their homes. Let us check some more benefits of installing these windows in your home or office.

Minimize heat losses

The primary advantage of these windows is that they reduce the heat losses from an interior space. The double glazing windows prevent as much heat from escaping the interior spaces of a property. Also, they prevent the external cold air from entering the house.

Acoustic insulation

Double glazing windows also offer better acoustic insulation and prevent the entry of external noises such as road noise, construction noise, and any other sound. The two glass sheets and the air pocket make up a multitude of buffers that prevent the passage of sound through them.

Reduces the condensation build-ups

Condensation occurs on the surfaces that are cooler than the air surrounding them. Due to minimizing heat loss by a double glazing panel, the interior pane does not become cold, which prevents the build-up of condensation. It also reduces the moisture in the interior spaces of the property, thereby preventing the issues like mold.

Types of Double glazing windows

There are four types of double glazing glass that manufacturers use in the window panes.

Low E Glass

This is the Low emissivity glass that has a thin metal coating on one side of the pane. The coating creates an insulating effect that further prevents the transfer of heat on either side of the glass.

Float Glass

Float glass is not a type but the named given to the technique used to produce the double glazing glass. The technique involves floating molten glass over a layer of olden metal to produce a uniform finish.

Laminated Glass

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The double glazing glass is more secure than a single pane, but laminated glass further upgrades the level of security. They are made by bonding two glass sheets with a transparent adhesive between them. It prevents the glass from exploding into tiny pieces on breaking due to some form of impact.

Toughened glass

As the name suggests, toughened glass is made strong by using a heating and tempering process. The glass is made to break into small chunks rather than sharp harmful shards. Toughened glass is popular not only for home windows but also in vehicles, windscreens, telephone boxes, and other applications.

Final words

Now, as you know, much about double glazing windows, you can install them in your house or office. The double glazing Melbourne windows are of high quality and offer high energy efficiency for any property. People who want to renovate their home or office, or simply replace the windows, can install them to make their property energy efficient.