Kik Messenger On PC

What Is Kik Messenger?

Kik Messenger is a instant messaging and social networking app to send messages to other Kik users for free, using your smartphone’s data plan or Wi-Fi connection

 Kik has many features such as

Ø  Maintains Privacy

Kik Messenger only uses your name and email address to register you. Without the use of a mobile number it makes sure that you stay super private, only known through your username. You don’t share any personal information with other users, only your username, profile photo and display name are visible to others.

Ø  Kik Codes

Every Kik user has a unique QR code, which they can access from their settings. It allows them to find and invite new members.

Ø  Video And Group Chats

You can do a real-time video chat with your friends. Also, you can start your group conversations by Tapping the search icon>type Start Group Chat> Add members to the group.

Ø  Live typing

The app shows you when someone is typing a message to you. This helps in getting an idea that from whom you are going to receive a message.

Ø  Free Multimedia Messaging

You can send text message, photos, gifs, videos, sketches, emoticon and more in the chats

Ø  Chat customization

You can select the colour for your friend ‘s chat bubbles.

There are two methods of using Kik for PC

1.      Using Kik on PC Via Emulator

2.      Using Kik on PC Via Chrome Extension

Using Kik On PC Via Emulator

There are two steps of using Kik on your PC

  • Installing an Android Emulator
  • Installing Kik. APK on PC

Installing an Android Emulator

The following steps will help you in downloading Kik for PC using an Android Emulator

What Is An Android Emulator

Android Emulator is a software for Laptops or Computers to run an Android operating system, designed for users who want to use android or developers. These softwares runs in Windows and Mac OS, by creating a virtual Android OS.  It creates a setup that allows you to emulate an Android Device on PC.

Before installing any Android Emulator we must suggest you to check out your Dell Warranty Check

 How To Download An Android Emulator

Which Are The Best Android Emulators?

The best Android emulators which you can download for your PC are mentioned below:

Ø  Bluestacks

Bluestacks is the best Android emulator one can use. It operates efficiently in both Windows and Mac versions, and the official download links for the two are provided by the developer itself. It is stable and has a user- friendly interface also being free for its users.

You can download Bluestacks for Windows/Mac from its official website ,i.e.,

Ø  Andyroid

Andyroid has some amazing features such as smooth interface and unlimited storage capacity for its users. These features led some users to switch from Bluestacks to Andyroid. It is free, and available for both Windows or Mac computers.

You can download Andyroid for Windows/Mac from its official website ,i.e.,

Install the Android Emulator

After downloading Bluestacks or Android(or any of the Android Emulators) you have to install it.

To install the emulator, follow these steps:

1.      Go to the folder containing the downloaded Bluestacks (or any other Emulator) file is.

2.      Double click on the exe. File

3.      The installation wizard will guide you on how to install the file.

4.      Follow the instructions, to complete the installation process.

How to Launch The Android Emulator

After installing the file, the next step is to launch the Android Emulator.

To launch the file, follow these steps:

  1. Go to desktop, and find the Bluestacks icon, then click on it
  2. If you are unable to locate the icon, click on the Start Button and in the search box type Bluestacks.


Click Start>All Programes>Bluestacks

  1. Click on the appropriate option and launch the software
  2. The emulator will open and run on your PC.

 Download Kik for PC

Download the Kik .APK File

After installing and launching the Android Emulator, the next step is to get the Kik.APK file on your PC. This file is required to install Kik Messenger on your PC.

The Kik. APK file can be downloaded from this link. The file should be saved on your PC.  

Install Kik on Your PC Using Emulator

After downloading the APK version of Kik on your PC, you need to install it.

These steps will guide you on how to install Kik on your PC(using Bluestacks)

1.      In the File Manager folder, find the Kik.APK file

2.      The .APK file can be identified by the Bluestacks logo

3.      Double click on the file and wait for a few seconds

4.      Bluestacks ( or any other Emulator) will launch and run Kik Messenger on your PC

For any other Emulator, follow the following steps

1.      Right click on the .APK file, in the drop down menu select Open With

2.      Choose your emulator in the options available

3.      Click OK to install Kik Messenger on your PC

Now you can login to Kik Messenger and chat with your friends via your PC.

Using Kik On PC Without Any Download

Another method of using Kik for PC is by using Chrome Extension

The following steps will guide you on how to use Kik on PC via Chrome Extension

1.      Open Chrome Web Store

2.      Search for Kik Extension and add it Chrome by clicking on Add to Chrome and selecting Add Extension

3.      Now Kik Web Extension is visible on the top right corner in Chrome.

Presently there are some issues in its Chrome Extension, but it works smoothly on PC via Emulators.