Everything you need to know about the Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things denotes a channel of communication by using the internet as a medium. It joins various interconnected devices and establishes a channel of interaction in between. The devices utilized in this process are mini-processors that depend on machine learning to work upon data collected by sensors. Internet of Things is considered to be the need of the hour. It works to connect data like biotelemetry, sensory, and a myriad from different sources and present that before us. This process aids the machines in communicating in real-time without the need for human interaction.

Origin of this Term-

The term IoT, Internet of Things, originated in the 1980s for the very first time. Its invention was the complexity faced by the users while operating bulky machines because of lack of communication. Early machines were dumb and did not work in real-time. However, the processors involved in early times were cheap, but they did not satisfy their purpose. This led to huge chaos, and the need for a cost-effective replacement was felt.

Kevin Ashton was the first person to introduce the Internet of Things to the world in 1999. The first application of IoT was to add RFID tags to important equipment to locate them. This experiment was highly successful, and it became a primary cause of the Internet of Things being welcomed by industry experts. Despite its usefulness, IoT faced backlash due to its high cost. But over the years, with the increase in productivity, the cost of getting a new internet connection and adding sensors has fallen. Therefore, RemoteDBA.com is on the rise in popularity. In the future, too, the industry experts predict that the Internet of Things will evolve much more. Not only the cost of IoT has declined, but also its cost-effectiveness has amplified.

Relevance of Internet of Things in today’s era-

In today’s era, the rise in the business sector has advantaged only because of IoT. Now it has expanded its dimensions and reached our homes and offices as well. This is the age of digitalization and smartphones. Anything which is not smart enough to match human intelligence is of no relevance. A company or an individual must be aware of the proceedings taking place in his internal systems. This helps him keep an eye on the efficiency of his employees and make required changes for betterment. The addition of sensors helps the owners track expensive products, reverting to data performance and getting an idea of upcoming failure.

IoT has made the systems in-use, comprehensive, and productive, which helped it become more responsive than before. IoT today is the second-largest sector. It has revolutionized the concept of digitalization. Some great examples of this are smart homes, offices, and connected vehicle infotainment. Its real-time working excludes the amount of effort required by us. It also helps us gain consciousness regarding the quality of the environment in which we are living.

The security offered by the internet of things-

Internet of things (IoT) is a technology mainly designed to focus on protecting and providing a safe network to the connected devices in the internet of things (IoT). It provides an internally connected network system to all the computing devices, digital and mechanical machines. This technology provides specific things with a unique identifier and can transfer the data automatically over any established network. Directly connecting a device to an open internet may result in damage if not safely protected.

Many high-profile incidents of attack on the large network result in disruption of the device’s network. It has drawn everyone’s attention to an effective need forthe internet of things security. The technology ensures the security of the connected devices with IoT. IoT security includes different strategies, actions, and protocols, and techniques, which keep surveillance on the increasing disruptions on the network in the modern world. The more the devices will connect to the network, the more the chances of vulnerability will increase. Most of the loT devices rely on platforms like HTTP and API, on that the hackers can intercept. Therefore, a strong security strategy like IoT is essential to make the working user-friendly.

Benefits of IoT-

1. Cost-Effective-

As mentioned above in this article, IoT has gained because of its cost-effective nature. IoT speeds the supply of raw materials, maintenance processes, and other essential components of the manufacturing procedure. This extraordinary pace boosts the company’s productivity and ultimately leads to an enhancement in the profit margin.

2. Reduction in human involvement-

IoT works in real-time, and therefore, the need for human involvement has lessened. Although, no machine till now can match the exemplary features of human intelligence. This is the reason that IoT can only decrease the human burden but cannot completely replace it. Complex tasks are to be handled by humans only. At the same time, routine chores can be done in a fraction of seconds with the help of IoT.

3. Increase in business opportunities-

IoT has left everybody stunned with its outstanding features and effectiveness. Therefore, its use has boosted the business sector in a very different manner. Any company that takes the help of IoT solutions is more productive and has various options to offer to its users. This is why IoT has led to a magical increase in business opportunities for its users.

Real-time examples of IoT-

  • Connected Cars- Helps in regulating the in-car requirements by using sensors and like, adjusting the car seats according to the comfort of the user, optimizing maintenance, operating music system, and money other things.
  • Healthcare- Amid pandemic, healthcare has largely benefitted by IoT in patient management. It provides personalized data about the overall health of a patient and the treatment required by him.
  • Agriculture- Governments worldwide promote the use of advanced technologies like IoT to boost the food supply chain.


This article completely justifies my words mentioned in its beginning that IoT is the need of the hour. The world is running very fast, and to match its speed, it’s very important to take the help of the latest technologies that can unburden humans with their attractive features. IoT is here to stay and will become more popular in the upcoming future.

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