The Best Android Games To Look Out in 2019

Today we have wide ranges of games to play in our gadgets like mobile phones, tablets etc. Earlier we have a gaming trend set in which limited games are available to play and specific gadgets can support to the gaming software. Now we have a huge variety of paid and unpaid games in market which are users friendly and have built in software to support Android and IOS systems of gadgets. The most trending games which breaks the popularity bars includes the Player Unknown Battlegrounds, Infinity OPS, Shadowgun Legends, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, Alto’s Odyssey and many more in queue. All these games are the trend setters in gaming history and the current developments using the VR and AR technologies makes them more realistic to enjoy.

 If we talk about the trend setter in gaming industry and mostly played and downloaded game then so sure it will be PUBG. PUBG supports the gadgets having the software systems based on Android, IOS and PC with operating system of 64-bit Windows 10, Processor of Intel Core i5-7600K, broadband internet connection, memory of 8GB RAM to make the gaming easier to play. PUBG on mobile is more prevalent now days to use as it’s easy to access can be played anywhere and anytime. In game you need to survive on battle ground and may have any player to play with from all across the world, weapons you will get to hit, tricks you need to adopt to survive so that you can get reward points and good ranking.

Infinity OPS another Android game with multiple players at a time. This game have the amazing features to invite your friends to play with on the same battle ground, latest weapons in game including the machineguns, grenade launchers, rifles, shotguns etc with tremendous features. Excellent 3-D effect and the capabilities to run jump and fight with quick actions, easy to access and a realistic feel to play the game.

Some other android games which can be easily downloaded via Google play store in built in your Android Phones. If we talk about some new games in queue to be launched soon includes the Stardew Valley, The Elder Scroll: Blades, Hamsterdam, Bad North, H1Z1, Project Cars Go, Oddmar, Levelhead, Impossible bottles and many more exciting ones to rock on in the gaming world. We have listed up some more games as freemium games to play and can be downloaded from play store.

  • Crashland
  • Evland 1and 2
  • Minecraft
  • Monument Valley 1 & 2
  • Nintendo games
  • Riptide GP Series

All the above games can be enjoyed by the android users in freemium, can be accessible anywhere and you can enjoy them. Users need to download them once and then play them, must update your android handsets whenever required to enjoy the smooth gaming on your mobile. We will be get back soon with details of more games and the new versions to set new trends in gaming industry, so sure you will experience a new gaming style in 2019.

Amanda Cerni
She is the biggest travel addict and passionate to write news things on tech and travel word. She is also a good photographer.