How to Choose Right Oracle Consultant Services



Searching for the right ERP software consultant is challenging. But, the following tips will help you in searching for the right candidate without any problems through OptimizDBA:

  1. Proven success and a good track record

This is without doubt the first thing one looks for while searching for an Oracle consulting services team. Reading a book on the subject and getting information is easy and anyone can do it. However, the experience and practical skill a professional are second to none. The value of an expert is judged by their ability to solve complex problems, and this is what one looks while hiring a professional. Also, your time and work cannot be put on risk by hiring an amateur with no work experience or a considerable number of successful projects. You can depend on professionals to deliver high-quality results in quick time without any issues. They will also maintain your budget and work according to the industry needs. A typical seasoned expert has case studies and consumer lists of your industry, multiple awards and recognition, and a wide range of skills. Choosing someone who does not fit these standards will be detrimental for your business, and you might have to incur frequent loses. Constant delays and cost averages will impact the image of your business, which is why it is wise to always hire the best in the market.

2. A lucid and transparent plan

“Simplifying complexity” is a term which is frequently used in business management solutions. Anybody who researches the subject will come across this topic, which means transforming every complex problem into simple parts which are laid out as realistic and achievable goals. Needless to say, no software will be able to accomplish this on its own. Only a highly experienced a trained Oracle consultant will be able to craft an easy to maintain and simple to use solution, which will heed to the complex problem of your business. It is important to know that the Oracle consultant can explain the problem in a lucid manner to others, which will prove their skill in the field. This corresponds to a famous quote by Einstein, which states “if you cannot explain physics to a six year old, you do not understand it yourself.” If the Oracle consultant is unable to explain the devised plan to you and everyone in the team, then they themselves do not understand it properly. A typical plan has the following outlines:

• Processes
• Timeline
• Costs
• Steps
• A roadmap to keep everyone on track and accountable

These are the pre-requisites of every plan, and are a sign that the plan is either clear or incomplete.

3. End-to-end assistance, round the clock

All the titles and job descriptions in the tech field today make it difficult to find the right person to contact in case of any problem. The problem multiplies when the tech solutions are managed by not one, but various vendors. One way of solving this is to create a spreadsheet and assign a specific role to each vendor. However, an easier and smarter alternative is to hire the right consultants, who will take care of all your Oracle solutions right from the beginning to the end, including Query Optimization in Oracle. They will be in charge of the planning, implementation, and all the necessary post-implementation management. Having a single point of contact will be a luxury you will love, as in case of any query or hassle you will have to get in touch with just one team which assists with every Oracle service, including IaaS, Paas, and SaaS. Additional topics which need to be addressed include:

• Business process analysis
• Employee training
• Hosting
• Upgrades
• Security
• Monitoring and exception management
• Implementation, deployment, and testing

Streamline your search
It is wise to shortlist your options in a list which consists of at least three candidates. There are some ways which will help you in saving time and effort while finding the right Oracle consultant:

1.Call them directly: This is a good way to assess their responsiveness and their attitude towards clients.

2. Ask them about success and failures: Everyone wants to publish grand success of their life, but the one who knows how to strike a chord between the two is the right candidate.

3.Request to speak with references: Many business owners skip this step, however it will prove the candidate’s reliability and practical knowledge.

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