Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Ad Types

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Facebook is the world’s biggest and popular social media platform. It is a platform that allows billions of people to stay connected to the world. You can share your daily activities, moods, pictures, and videos with friends and family. Who knew that one day, Facebook would become the most amazing platform to advertise products and promote business?

Marketing is not simple, and marketers always look for ways to be successful.  If you are looking for ways to get your business recognized in the local market, then Facebook is an effective platform.

Facebook advertisement to promote a business:

Facebook, with the highest online presence in the world, is the best platform to advertise your products. Facebook’s business is continuously evolving, so the advertisers are getting more opportunities to reach a new audience. As a matter of fact, Facebook has proven to be the most cost-effective platform to retarget the previous site visitors.

You are new in the business and want to utilize Facebook to market your brand to the ideal customers, then look no further. Today we will discuss the Facebook ad types so that you can better understand and create compelling ads to increase conversions.

Types of Facebook ads:

Facebook advertisers have various targeting options and campaigns to choose from. No matter you run a Facebook ad agency or doing it for your own business, here are the Facebook ad types that will generate successful results for your ad campaign and help your brand generate more leads:

  • Lead ads:

Facebook lead ads give people a more natural way to connect with brands. These are designed keeping the users in mind. They can fill the information such as the username, phone number, and email address automatically. It means the users don’t need to do this. In lead ads Facebook auto-populates, most of the fields and makes building the email lists extremely easy.

Lead ads are actually to help you collect information from those who are interested in your brand. Lead ads are presented using video, carousel, or an image.

Image Ads:

The second type of ads discussed here are the image ads. Image ads are the easiest to create as you just need an eye-catching image with a compelling copy. Wait a minute! It does not mean that you should stuff the ad with extra text as the customers are not interested in long copies. Also, the Facebook algorithm serves the ad less if there is too much text in the actual image.

Video Ads:

Just like the image ads, you can create a video ad by just adding a video. Facebook allows you to create a video of 15 seconds or less to tell your story in the ad. Make sure that you utilize these 15 minutes well and deliver your message to your target audience. You can also retarget the audience on the base of how long they watched your video.

Carousel ads:

Carousel ads the best way to highlight multiple aspects of your business or the products you want to sell. In carousel ads, you can show up to 10 images and videos in your ads. The users can swipe through the carousel to view your ads and see what interesting thing you are offering to them.

  • Collection ads:

Collection ads are the best way to highlight your products and services. People can look through and browse your products. These ads are great to let your people learn about the aspects of your particular products. Collection ads are the best to engage users to explore products instead of just glance at.

  • Post engagement Ads:

When you post content on Facebook, then your existing customers will see it. But the new custo9mers will not. Post engagement ads let you boost your post to a new audience. In simple words, these ads turn your post into an ad so that you can serve to a new audience.

Facebook ads are the best way to promote your products and services to an existing as well as a new audience. Facebook has proven to be the best marketing platform, but the businesses have to understand it completely if they want to harness its power.

Coming up with the winning strategies is a must as there is a lot of competition on the platform. Creating a compelling advertising campaign is not that easy, but once you succeed in it, you accelerate the speed of your success on Facebook.

 Know your audience, learn what they are looking for, and then create an ad in which you give a solution to their problems. An important thing you need to bear in mind is that aggressive selling does not work at all. You need to convince the customers to buy your products rather than compelling them to buy. Market your products and services in the best possible way and let your customers decide.

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