How to Know Who Visited Your Facebook Profile Recently

Who Visited your Facebook Profile

Facebook, I don’t think so here I need to describe what is Facebook, How to use it, and all related questions. Everyone knows that What is Facebook and all over the World People use it. You are reading this article that means you know very well what it is.

So here in this article, I am going to sharing a tip for Facebook users, where you can check who visited your Facebook Profile recently. you can also use a Minimalist Facebook Design with this tip. So, let’s do something new today. Go ahead and find out how to know who visited your Facebook Profile Recently.

If you are searching for who viewed my facebook profile the most, who has viewed my facebook profile, who viewed me on facebook, I want to know who visited my profile on facebook and so on, then you are on the right place.

Here you will find answers to your all questions and after reading this complete article, you can easily check who visited your Facebook Profile Recently. So let’s get started!

Who Visited Your Facebook Profile Recently?

To know your Facebook Profile Visitor, you need:-

  • A PC/Laptop
  • Google Chrome (Browser)
  • Flatbook (Chrome Extension)

First of all, Let me tell you that this trick is only work on a PC or Laptop. If you have a Laptop then Install Google Chrome. Google Chrome is mostly used Browser for PC If you don’t have this Browser then Download Chrome Browser and once the Google Chrome is installed on your Laptop then Install Flatbook which is a Chrome Extension. Now Let’s do this step by step and Know Who Visited My Facebook Profile Recently. Well if you use your PC mostly, then you would love to know that pubg lite is now available to free download.

Open Google Chrome and Go to More tools > Extensions and at the end of the page,  you will see “Get more extensions”. Simply click on it and search for Flatbook. Now here is the First Extension comes with the name of Flatbook or you can go to this link and Install Flatbook by click on Add to Chrome. Here is the screenshot of this extension.

Once you click on the ADD TO CHROME then it will ask you for permission to Install it or not then click on Add Extension and then it will start downloading, it is very small in size so don’t worry about your Internet data.

Now Open, and here you can see a new design of Facebook, this is really awesome. This extension has many features but in this article, I am going to show you only one of Profile Visitor which helps you to find out Who Visited your Facebook Profile Recently.

Now we are very close to finding out to know who visited our profile. In the left sidebar, you can see 6 circles, On number 1 you can see your profile and next are Video Player, Feeds, Profile Visitor, and two more. Here you need to click on Profile Visitor which is placed on number 4th. Well, Facebook has recently started libbra crypto coin move.

Once you click on this circle, here you can see a list of 20 Profiles and they are your Profile Visitor. You can see here who visited your Profile on Number 1.

So they are your Profile Visitor, Now click on Go to profile and ask them what they are looking for on your Profile.

Final Words: Once you see, Who Visited Your Facebook Profile Recently, you can remove this extension or you can disable this extension. But If you enjoyed this new design of Facebook and again want to know your Profile Visitor then use this awesome extension. It has 661,596 satisfies users and all Positive reviews.

So what is your opinion about this extension share with us via comment down below and if you found this article helpful then share it with your friends on Facebook, and other Social media Sites and tell them how they can know who visited their Facebook Profile Recently?

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