The ‘Fixed Wireless’ Savior for Rural Residents

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It’s hard to believe that a country so rich in technology could ever have some areas where the internet is still not available. Well, it’s true and the FCC is trying its best to identify these underserved areas and help them out. 

According to Microsoft, out of a sample of 325+ million Americans, approximately 157 million have no access to broadband internet. This once again confirms the severity of the lack of broadband internet infrastructure in rural localities.

Wireless internet options that provide some hope for the rural areas can only offer limited bandwidth, insufficient for laptops and other smart devices. On the other hand, deployment of a typical wired broadband connection would take time. However, with the latest advancements, rural residents might be able to enjoy fixed wireless with sufficient bandwidth without experiencing latency. 

So what is Fixed Wireless internet after all? Is it a safe bet for rural residents? Let’s find out!

What is Fixed Wireless Internet?

Fixed wireless, just as the name suggests, is the type of internet connection that has a fixed access point, which sends signals to connect your device with the internet. For areas where laying a wired infrastructure has always been a challenge, fixed wireless has turned out to be a true savior. All users need to do is install a receiver in their homes. This receiver then establishes a Line of Sight connection with the main access point via fiber-based lines.

In case you don’t know, Line of Sight (LoS) is the key component behind Fixed wireless internet. LoS is a propagation that transmits and receives data from their respective stations, only when they’re in sight of each other without any obstacles in the way.

Is Fixed Wireless A Safe Bet?

Poor internet connectivity has always loomed over rural areas like a dark cloud. When the rest of the world is making the most with fiber-powered internet, rural areas are falling behind. In such a situation, fixed wireless is the best option that rural residents can opt for as it is as good as a traditional DSL connection, but it is ireless.

Now, you may have come across satellite internet, which is another type of internet widely serviced in rural areas. If you compare these two rural internet forerunners, you’d be surprised at how drastically Fixed Wireless internet outshines the satellite variant. Weather is usually the biggest bottleneck that rural residents face while using satellite internet. Fixed Wireless users, however, experience a far more stable connection that withstands the harshest of storms and even heavy rains. How? Well, the Fixed Wireless tower that transmits radio signals to receivers at the subscriber-end is located at quite a distance from the clouds because of which the Line of Sight between the tower and receiver remains uninterrupted, ensuring users 100% connectivity when other types of connections fail.

Top Fixed Wireless Providers Catering To Rural Localities

Now comes the crucial part of our whole discussion — where to find the right Fixed Wireless rural internet provider? Don’t worry, we’ve done all the hard work for you. All you have to do is just sit back, read the whole thing and get all the info on the top Fixed Wireless providers near you. So, let’s begin:

AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet

AT&T stands ahead of the crowd with a) the coverage and b) the types of internet connections it offers. Despite boasting the 2nd largest residential IPBB network in the US, AT&T also offers Fixed Wireless Internet to rural households and small enterprises. For an affordable monthly fee, you can enjoy download speeds up to 10 Mbps, connect multiple devices without lags and enjoy several other perks that come with it. 

Do you know the best part about AT&T Fixed Wireless internet? You can pair it with AT&T DIRECTV and enjoy all-round entertainment, budget-friendly of course!

Rise Broadband

Another one on our list is Rise Broadband internet. Fixed Wireless internet is Rise Broadband’s flagship service. Download speeds from Rise Broadband are available from 25 Mbps and 50 Mbps. You get two variations for both speeds: one with a data allowance up to 250 GB and another one with unlimited data. Plus, Rise Broadband does not obligate you to sign the contract. You can either pick the option to pay your bills monthly or sign a contract for additional perks, the choice is all yours.

The aforementioned two providers are the best ones of the entire lot – trust us on this! Don’t be alarmed at the ‘data allowance’ that you get with AT&T Fixed Wireless and Rise Broadband. Monthly data up to 250 GB is virtually unlimited for everything that you can think of. Who knew rural residents internet problems would be resolved with such attractive options?  

Summing it up

Gone are the days when rural residents were obligated to put up with slow internet speeds and poor connectivity. Now that Fixed Wireless reach is expanding, things are finally beginning to look better. So what are you waiting for? Bid farewell to the limited speeds your DSL internet gave you and get a Fixed Wireless connection for your household, right away!