5 Tips to consider before Purchasing a Hydraulic Breaker

Hydraulic Breaker

A hydraulic breaker is not a small investment you may be planning on buying. Having an operator who can handle the hydraulic breaker is vital. The good thing with having a durable hydraulic breaker is that it requires a low maintenance cost. Choosing the correct hydraulic breaker needed for your industrial systems saves money. Purchasing good industrial surplus parts and machinery for your systems boosts efficiency in your industry. To make a good decision in buying the breakers, seek advice from professionals to understand the breaker. Below are tips you need to know before purchasing a hydraulic breaker. 

Application and project

It is good to match your equipment with its intended project. For instance, a hydraulic hammer is adaptable enough to work in many applications hence can be found in many industrial projects. In projects such as quarrying and mining, the thing that counts is the impact power. A hydraulic breaker that can work as a large hydraulic breaker with a low rate is best. Such a breaker falls the limestone or rocks into small pieces. The efficiency of the breaker application is a factor before applying the hydraulic breaker to any project. It should be high when it comes to projects such as road demolition or tunneling. Thus, the impact rate and penetrating power should be of good quality.

Maintenance cost 

Maintenance cost is a long-term expense that all industrial work owners need to take into account. Every earning cent from your industrial work could divert to maintaining the hydraulic breaker that may cost you lots of money on any damage. With good care of a hydraulic breaker, you can avoid regular replacements, making its maintenance cost cheaper. When purchasing the hammer, ask your service center or your dealer for the retail price of bushes, pins, seal kits, chisels, and also the time interval of replacing the tools. Have a budget estimate for every service when replacement is needed. Proper and regular maintenance of your hydraulic breakers ensures long service life and working efficiency. 

Size of the hydraulic breaker and its carrier

A beneficial hydraulic breaker must fit in with the right size of its carrier. An oversize hydraulic breaker will leave space from its supporter, making it inefficient to work well. When going to purchase the breaker, it is good to have the correct sizes in mind. Oversize equipment will lead to the whole system working improperly. Improper function from the hydraulic system will slow down the other equipment since the entire system relies on each other for ideal work completion. The proper match will ensure efficiency as it protects your valuable investment. Having no universal industrial standard measuring the size of the breaker could be tricky. 

Good hydraulic flow

All hydraulic breakers are driven and obtain power from the hydraulic flow of excavators. While some can adjust to a wide range of the hydraulic flow, other breakers still cannot adjust to the flow. At times the hydraulic flow could be having an overflow that exerts too much pressure thus, damaging the hydraulic breaker. The breaker becomes weak, slow, and unproductive without enough of the breaker flow in the system. Following a principle that most professionals use will say that narrow flow hydraulic breakers are more productive considering the breaker with a wide flow range not being less productive but better universality. When the hydraulic flow is not good, this will inhibit the valve from rotating and inhibit the direction to which the oil flows. 

Type of housing

There are several types of hydraulic breakers used in different areas. Each of them will have its features and the building mechanism. When considering the type of housing, the breakers could have the same type of box and type of breaker, whether it is a silent one or a noisy breaker. One can easily concentrate on the work without ear irritation from the noise other breakers could produce when using a silent breaker. The type of housing with thick wear-resistant plates made of steel protects the front head and main body from having any impact of wearing off. Better protection on the housing of all the hydraulic breakers provides a long service life that in turn safeguards your investment. 

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