How to Study More in Less Time with NCERT Class 9 Maths Solutions?

NCERT Class 9 Maths Solutions

Most students often find it challenging to cover the whole maths syllabus in a few weeks before exams. They pick up the wrong study material and resources for exam preparation and get disappointed for not completing their syllabus. It is most important to find suitable study material that helps you cover the whole syllabus effectively. NCERT solutions class 9 maths is one of the reliable resources to study and revise the entire syllabus. By using these resources, you can study well for the exam. Here are a few ways you can use these NCERT solutions to study well, even if you have less time for preparation.

Analyse Exam Pattern

Begin with an analysis of the types of questions asked in exams. By analyzing all the sample papers provided with the NCERT solutions, you can get an idea about the pattern of questions asked in exams and their weightage of marks. These sample papers mostly cover the questions asked in the previous year’s exams– Since the time for preparation is already less to cover each and every topic, you should utilize it better. You can also prepare by solving multiple past years’ question papers. For this type of preparation, you need to emphasize only the important chapters based on their weightage of marks and difficulty level.

Focus on Important Topics

Focus on important topics and chapters to do an efficient preparation. Start your preparation by focusing on important concepts, formulas, and steps of execution. Read them and make pointer sentences to memorize and implement the solutions for easy learning. You can also utilize bullet points, number-list, symbols, or mapping diagrams of related topics to represent and learn them quickly.

Estimated Preparation

Estimate the time required for each chapter based on its priority on your preparation list. You can start with the chapters that have more weightage or study easier chapters to save your time and effort to prepare difficult chapters. The most crucial thing is not to alter your study plan frequently. Simply set a study plan as per your chapter-wise priority list and follow it strictly for good results.

Avoid Distractions

Students usually keep their mobiles, laptops, tablets, and other gadgets while exam preparation, which is a big reason for constant distraction. You should stay away from such devices while exam preparation and studies, as it can also affect your concentration and focus, so you result in wasting your precious time. You need to keep necessary things, such as a notebook, syllabus, question papers, stationery, etc. Remember to keep all your stuff in one place, so you don’t have unnecessary interruptions during your studies.

Improve Speed and Accuracy

NCERT solutions are an excellent way to get the exam’s feel and do some time-based exam practice. Solve questions in mock tests and sample papers to improve your speed and accuracy. It is also helpful for saving a lot of time for exams. Learning time management skills is vital for students.


Math syllabus in higher grades like 9 and 10 is vast and needs efficient preparation with the help of some reliable resources. NCERT solutions are an excellent means to implement quick practice and revision during exams. Maths NCERT solutions class 10 are highly beneficial in building a gradual understanding of various math concepts for the CBSE board exams. Cuemath is one of the best math learning platforms providing the best math resources for exam preparation and revision. You can easily find reliable NCERT solutions and other learning resources to score well in maths exams by visiting

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