Bike Buying Tips – 5 Tips to Buy a Bike Online in India

Two-wheelers are a convenient mode of transport as they are easy to maneuver and require much lesser parking space as compared to four-wheelers. They help save considerable time while commuting in congested metros for work or daily chores. Unsurprisingly, the two-wheelers market in India has seen phenomenal growth in the past two decades, and there is a wide range of models and brands to choose from. With several brands offered at attractive prices, buyers should do thorough research before deciding on which bike or scooter to buy. Go to brand or aggregator sites to compare features, prices and other benefits before making the final decision. Online reviews go a long way in convincing buyers to shortlist their favorite brand and get the best value for their money.

If you are hard pressed for finances when applying for a loan is the best option for you to explore. Almost all banks and private lenders offer an Online Two Wheeler Loan on their website which can be used to calculate monthly EMIs to suit your budget. But, before you buy a two-wheeler or apply for a loan, you need to consider a few things to make the right decision.

Five Tips to Buy a Bike Online in India:-

    • Always go for an established Brand: Purchasing a bike is an important investment decision. Therefore it is essential to hunt for an established brand with impressive sales figures. For example, India’s best-loved brand Bajaj has credibility in the market, and you know you can put your faith in their bikes. Put in the effort and research all the brands online – this way you can look at the features offered and choose the one the best meets your needs.
    • Plan your budget and do not overspend: Keeping aside a budget to buy a bike or scooter is essential. Make sure that you do not overspend by keeping your finances under control. But if you think you have the ability to pay off a loan, you can always explore the option of online two wheeler loan. Plan your monthly EMIs in such a way that it doesn’t affect your monthly budget, and you can comfortably repay the loan.
    • Check online user reviews: Online reviews by users are an essential part of the selection process. Read both the positive and negative feedback about the bike – most people are happy to share their experiences with the brand, response of the bike on the roads, etc. Online reviews also give you the information about the bike’s attributes, its mileage, and other valuable features. Remember you are investing a sizeable amount of your income – therefore first-hand feedback from other users will help you make an informed decision.
    • Check maintenance cost and availability of spares: Maintenance cost of the bike plays a crucial role in the long run. You should find out the costs of getting a regular servicing and periodic check-ups for the bike at the authorized service center. Many manufacturers do not keep an adequate inventory of spare parts which can turn out to be a major headache for the buyers. Make sure the spare parts of the bike are readily available so that your vehicle is repaired and ready for use in the minimum time.
  • Make sure the bike has a resale value in the market: The resale value of the bike is another important factor. It depends on the brand, vehicle’s condition and year of purchase. Looking at the resale value of the brand at the time of purchase is considered conventional thinking. But when you decide to upgrade, the price you get will help you a lot.
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