Reasons why you should invest in cryptocurrencies this year

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies have been the main topic among every age group for a couple of years now. Still, many don’t dare try it out and act very cautiously or with a great sense of distrust when you ask them to start trading. They will immediately tell you, in most cases, it’s a scam, and they don’t want to be bothered with it. Also, they will probably throw at you a sentence that sounds like “If you can make that money, what don’t you do yourself?”

In 2020, it turned out many people started investing and researching more about trading. If we look at google search history of 2020, cryptocurrency interest skyrocketed once again. There has been a significant influx of podcasts regarding investment, videos on YouTube where people of all age share their earnest advice about money management where they always include trading in any form you would find sufficient. Crypto trading and investment have their risks, but with them, there are benefits as well, and we are going to talk about it in this article.

High returns

It is the first thing that attracts new traders – even though cryptos have been around for a shorter time than other currencies, they often turn out to be more profitable than any additional investment. Cryptos usually show profound changes in a short period which is opposite from regular stocks on the market. It’s risky because the market is volatile, but that is also what makes it profitable. People who’ve lost lots of money and were left bitter are usually the ones who fell for scams or went all in without any proper strategy, and they didn’t listen to anyone’s advice. Always look to work with an experienced trader, with a licenced and regulated company, and you will be okay and on your way to becoming a profitable trader. 

Alternative currency

There are many indicators cryptocurrency will show as a safer alternative when it comes to investment solutions. After all, cryptos are not under the control of any authority. When PayPal approved it as a standard payment method, it made a massive step towards making cryptos another regular payment method.

You are entirely in charge.

Independence cryptos offer are on a whole different level. Thanks to a digital wallet, and the currency itself being software, it’s impossible to get robbed. By having cryptos, you can access your money whenever you want, and you don’t have to depend on any authority. Transfer methods are high-speed, and fees are a lot lower than with standard currency. Experts predict this is the beginning of a decentralized economy, and by investing, you are becoming a part of a monetary revolution.

High liquidity

Liquidity is another main characteristic every smart investor will focus on. 

Liquidity represents how easy you can buy or sell a specific asset at a price that will be close to the market rate. Cryptocurrencies are famous for their high liquidity. We mentioned above, you can purchase or sell them quickly, and since they are digital, the technological part of every trading platform offers you a variety of options. It’s up to you to choose what tools you want to use, which tactics you would like to implement, and so on. You can even use automated software to buy and sell a currency of your choice, relying on an algorithm, if you are too busy to trade every day by yourself.

Good forecasts

If you are a complete beginner, we do not recommend trading daily because you can easily undermine your potential for success and even lose money. You will learn over time fluctuations in price happen every day, and it’s completely normal. That is why many traders opt for long -term investment. Look at Bitcoin for example – it grew so much in the past two months, and experts expect it to grow up to 100.000 dollars in a year. Would you instead exchange it every day or invest and be patient?