How to Create and Promote A Digital Product

How to Create and Promote A Digital Product

Digital products have become familiar to millions of people around the world. We read e-books, download software, read whitepapers, use templates, study online courses, meditate with playlists. Any intangible commodity is a digital product. The buyer can download it to your smartphone or use it online. If you have created such a product, you can sell it through digital marketing.

But first, you need to prepare your product for sale. Choose the scenario in which the buyer will receive your product. Customers can purchase and download the product once or subscribe to the resource. Which model is more effective for your product? Next, choose technologies and platforms for business promotion. And understand how to make an overview for a digital product. We will talk about all this later.

The sales material for digital product

There are many platforms for product promotion. You can use Instagram or try TikTok trends. But before you start promoting a digital product, you will create material for sales. Here you will find useful video marketing skills. The consumer wants to see your product, although it is an intangible thing.

Pack digital products for sale

It is impossible to pick up your product and talk about it in front of the camera. But you can do the following:

  • come up with a product name;
  • make product description (create video content);
  • prepare price proposals with options;
  • create a BUY button;
  • show reviews and testimonials.

Add a logo to this list that visualizes your product. It is now easier for the customer to make a purchase decision.

Make an overview of digital product

When your product is ready, it’s time to pack it for sale. Create video content to show the benefits of a digital product to your audience. Think about the sales funnel that your customer has to go through.

Let’s take a closer look at the example of software that helps clients solve a problem.

  1. Start with pre-launch promotion. Here you may need to work with influencers to get followers or use your social networks if you have enough followers. Tell us about the main benefits of the product, focus on the benefits for the consumer. You don’t need a lot of details at this stage, just touch the audience.
  2. Create overviews of your digital product. Record video instructions for software users. If you are running open operating systems, see the Linux screen recorder list. Post this video on your YouTube channel or your Instagram, or create a website for sales. You can get inspired by design ideas on the freebie platform.

Your customers may also need a tutorial as a purchase bonus. An important point is user feedback, it also helps to sell digital products. Therefore, establish channels of communication with customers after they have purchased your software. Remember the role of after-sales service in customer loyalty.

Expert with a digital product

Specialists trust the advice of experts. This rule especially works in narrow niches. If you are running an online course in digital marketing, the reviews of well-known marketers will convince your target audience. If you have developed a useful resource for gamers, then post links to video content about your product on thematic forums.

Working with expert assessments can be considered in two directions.

  1. Include expert reviews on your site. Make a list of recognized experts in your field and contact them yourself. If your product is worthy of attention, do not be afraid to show it to professionals.
  2. Use specialized resources where experts review new products. Pay attention to TechRadar’s overview. Your target audience is reviewing these reviews to make a purchase decision.

Let the experts have their say on your digital product. You will see how your sales will grow from their positive impressions. And in the case of constructive criticism, you will know how to improve the online course or set of templates for the designer.

Conduct webinars on digital product

Webinars sell well in some niches. For example, a customer carefully chooses a digital learning product. The free webinar will allow him to evaluate the benefits of your offer and get answers to open-ended questions.

Use Facebook ads to let as many people as possible know about your webinar. Tell your followers about the event via Instagram. Make a clear offer to sell your digital product right away. Some people are ready to buy during the webinar.

How to boost sales in digital marketing

Once you’ve created sales material and launched a digital product, it’s just beginning. Consider 10 tools to increase sales in the digital business segment.

  1. Email marketing. The pre-launch promotion has allowed you to gain a base of potential buyers. Tell them more about your product. Use Mailchimp to automate processes.
  2. Paid strategy. Paid advertising Google Ads or Social Ads also brings results. So include this item in your digital marketing strategy.
  3. Loyalty programs. If users are happy with your product, they are happy to recommend it. So gradually you create reference marketing around your brand. Check out TikTok trends. Loyalty works better than any advertising.
  4. Content marketing. It is best to get followers from free organic traffic. If you create such a constant circle for your product, you will sell effortlessly. But content marketing requires your constant presence on Instagram or TikTok.
  5. SMM. Social networks are simply competing to create business opportunities. Take a look at Instagram shopping. If you have enough subscribers, then develop sales here.
  6. Influencer marketing. Influencer marketing strategy gives you access to a wide audience. It is important to choose the right influencer and know how to make overviews.
  7. SEO. It takes time and effort. But then it brings tangible results: you will sell only from your site and constantly increase sales.
  8. Free products and discounts. Discount tactics are aimed at increasing organic coverage. This gives good results in the long run.
  9. Crowdfunding. You can raise funds to create a product at the beginning of the idea. Sign up for a crowdfunding platform and share your digital product. And even better, create quality video content for the presentation. If you convince people, you will get an investment.
  10. Co-marketing. If you have a great digital product but no audience on social media, then this is for you. Find a brand that resonates with your idea and sell your product through their audience.

This is just a shortlist of marketing opportunities for a digital product. So choose your path to the buyer.