Top 5 Wedding Photo Tips From Top Seattle Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photographers

Whether you’re an amateur in wedding photography or have recently explored this specific niche in photography, there are many pointers and lessons to learn to ensure that the newlywed couple will be satisfied with your pictures. Wedding photographers play one of the most crucial roles in a wedding as they need to capture the best moments of the day. With the required patience, technical skills, quick reflexes, and some tips in this article, you’ll be able to produce a fantastic output for your clients.
While some conventional photography techniques remain effective, modern photography today has already shifted to using digital tools and equipment. It’s essential to keep up to date with the new photography methods to ensure high-quality images that’ll last a lifetime.
By having an open mind and applying the tips shared by some top Seattle wedding photographers below, you can take exceptional wedding pictures in no time:

1. Be Well-Versed With Your Gear

Set up everything you’ll need for your first wedding and evaluate it all in advance. Most Seattle wedding photographers like Sound Originals and other photography experts agree that the most crucial tip is to be well-versed with your gear. You should look at your lenses, check your camera device, and make sure you’re familiar with each setting and mode. Before accepting a wedding photography booking, ensure that you know how to operate your camera well so you can answer technical questions from your clients, just in case.

Having no idea whether your camera can take a particular shot can make you come off as unprofessional. Prepare your equipment before each shoot by ensuring you have enough memory cards, batteries, and spare equipment. Practicing regularly is also very important. Before diving into large-scale wedding events, you can start with intimate and simple-themed ones. Remember that photography skills take time and practice, so don’t rush the process.

2. Test Your Equipment And Tools Early

Prior to leaving to take wedding photos, make sure all of your gadgets are working correctly. You may consider bringing your best drone for possibilities of aerial video shoots. You need to test all the tools and equipment a day before the event and during the day hours before the event. This allows you to ensure everything is in perfect condition. It’d help list all your equipment needed and check them all before driving to the venue.

Consider other accessories like a tripod, external flash equipment, lighting, and so on. This will enable you to be fully prepared for whatever unplanned situations warrant an excellent shot. If you’re not sure how much equipment you’ll need, it’s best to bring more than you think you’ll need.

3. Consider An Assistant

You might consider bringing along a second photographer to capture alternate perspectives. Chances are there might be so many beautiful things happening at the same time, and you won’t be able to keep up if you’re the only one taking shots.

Your fellow photographer can also capture all the smaller, candid moments, allowing you to capture critical, emotional events. You’ll have a broader range of photo options in post-processing if you have a second shooter.

4. Study The Wedding Venue

See the layout of the venue and lighting options before the wedding. This is a golden rule for wedding photography. Visit the venue where the wedding party will be shot if you’re shooting it separately. This is applicable most especially if you haven’t been to the place yet before. By seeing the venue beforehand, you’ll anticipate any potential obstacles that may arise on the actual wedding day.

5. Create The Photoshoot Plan

Planning and executing your shoot is equally important, so allow yourself ample time to do this. Pre-planning the shoot will make the job halfway easier. The bride and groom should take multiple photos in different locations on the big day. You’ll already have some creative ideas so the couple won’t feel uncomfortable and awkward when everyone doesn’t know how to pose and what to do.

It’s up to you to decide how you want the couple to be posed. Check out some basic wedding poses and determine which ones suit the couple best. It’s an excellent idea to help your clients decide what poses to use by providing your previous catalog and other pose references. This will make them feel more natural and at ease when they already know how to act during the photoshoot.

Depending on your client’s comfort level in front of the camera, you may need to offer additional instructions to ensure the best results. Remember to get out of your way to help them feel more relaxed and comfortable. Doing so will help you achieve excellent quality photos and succeed the entire photoshoot.


Hopefully, you can apply these tips shared by most Seattle wedding photographers and keep them at heart. No matter how small or big the wedding event is, these tips apply to all of them. By planning early and being well-versed with your gear, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a seasoned wedding photographer.