Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen – Things You Need to Know About Her

Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen

People know Tim Allen, as one of the renowned American actors and also as a famous comedian. But, there are very few chances of you knowing his eldest daughter Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen. Of course, she is seen on the red carpet events with her family, but she intentionally stays out of the limelight for some reason. Here we go with some info about here so that you know the woman who happens to be a popular celebrity kid.

Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen – A Short Bio

Here is the information about Katherine Kady Allen in a nutshell-

NameCatherine Allen
FatherTimothy Allen (Tim Allen)
MotherLaura Diebel
SiblingElizabeth Allen
Born inDecember 1989
BirthplaceLos Angeles
Sexual preferencesStraight
Zodiac signCapricorn
Hair colourBlonde
Eye colourBrown

What does Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen do for her living?

So far, Katherine has managed to stay away from the limelight. She has actually carved her own path. While her older sibling is in show business, she has successfully carved her own niche for her.

But, there is no information available on what she does for a living. The fact that she has no public social media profile completely hides her from the limelight and thus we do not have much information about her profession or any other involvement.

Is Katherine Kady Allen dating anyone?

She had previously dated Alex Farragut. It is also said that they were married, and had one child together. Currently, Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen is said to be dating Glenn Howerton who is an actor. She currently lives with her father and step Mom. Only a little information is available about her child.

What is the net worth of Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen?

Once again, there is not much information available about the net worth of Katherine Kady Allen.  More so because she stays away from the limelight; on the other hand, her father has higher levels of income sources that include acting and real estate assets. It is said he has a net worth of around $100 million in 2022.

Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen’s relationship with her parents

Tim Allen could not spend much time with his family when Katherine Kady Allen was a young kid due to his hectic schedule. Her mother looked after her. 

However, later on, she developed a bonding with her father. The daughter-father duo was spotted at several red-carpet events and award ceremonies. She has also walked on the red carpet with her father.

Her father

Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen‘s father is Tim Allen. He did participate in a comedy night at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle in Royal Oak, and that was what changed his life forever. He began featuring himself in local TV commercials and comedy shows.

Moreover, he later moved from Detroit to Los Angeles and later on, became a common performer at the Comedy Store and also did stand-up comedies. He later went on to produce his own TV show on ABC. The show known as Home Improvement had Tim Allen as the main character. He has also worked in several movies such as The Santa Clause, Toy Story and many others.

Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen – Her social media profiles

Katherine Allen does not have any presence on social media. This is why people do not find much information about her.

Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen prefers to stay away from the limelight. She has been staying away from the public glare for reasons best known to her. She has not pursued a career in show business. Nevertheless, she comes from a reputed family, and that should in itself make her a celebrity. She comes from the family of Tim Allen, who has created huge success in his career as an actor and comedian.

The Concluding Thoughts

Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen is the daughter of Tim Allen, but the strange fact is that she does not stay in the public touch for the reasons best known to her. She does not even have public social media profiles. This is one of the reasons why people do not have much information on her life, her career, her personal life or even her net worth.


1. What is the educational qualification of Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen?

Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen has a degree in psychology. She has also completed fashion design at the reputed Columbia University of New York.

2. How tall is Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen?

She has a height of 5 feet and 7 inches

3. Is Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen married?

There is no information available on whether Katherine Allen is married or not. She is said to be dating actor Glenn Howerton. It is also stated that she was married to the actor Alex Farragut with whom she has a child as well. But we have no proof of any of this information.

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