All Is Not Well At The Kapil Sharma Show



Comedians Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover are in the news once again for all the wrong reasons.

Apparently, on their way back from a show, in Australia, Kapil Sharma verbally abused and physically assaulted his co-star, while on the plane.

It is being said, that Sharma, who was intoxicated, was hurling abuses at his co-star Chandan Prabhakar. Sunil Grover intervened, as things got heated between Sharma and Prabhakar.

Kapil then began hurling abuses at Sunil and even went to grab his collar.

Sunil also tried getting the cabin crew involved to calm Kapil down, however, Kapil continued to be aggressive towards Grover, saying, “Your show flopped and you came back to me. You work for me.”

Kapil did not spare his other co-stars Ali Asgar and Kiku Sharda, either, calling them per day artists, and threatening them by saying that he could throw them out of his show anytime that he wanted.

Kapil Sharma, later, went on to post an apology on Facebook, justifying his stance on the situation, and saying that he loves and respects Sunil, who is like family to him.

Sunil Grover also responded to Kapil Sharma’s statement, saying that, someone as successful as him should be humbler, and not think of himself as the god.

The two co-stars have continuously been having an exchange over social media platforms, however, it seems like things have not calmed down between the two.

If developments are to be believed, Chandan Prabhakar, Ali Asgar and Sunil Grover did not turn up to shoot the latest episode of The Kapil Sharma Show and have thus chosen to boycott the show altogether.

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