What Game Supplies Do You Need for MMORPGs?


Hundreds of millions of people were active MMO players in 2022. It’s one of the most popular hobbies! But, if you plan to get into MMORPGs specifically, you want to make sure you’re set up right.

So what should you make sure you have on hand before you get started? We can help. Let’s go through the game supplies you need for MMORPGs.


MMORPGs require a stable and preferably high-speed internet connection. Since these games are played online with other players, a reliable internet connection is essential.

You also want to ensure that your internet is stable so you can connect to the vanilla private servers of your choice without getting bounced off. Try a test run, and consider whether or not you need to upgrade your connection.

MMORPGs involve constant data exchange. Ideally, you should have a broadband or high-speed internet connection. Check with internet service providers in your area to see what they offer.

Both download and upload speeds are important for online gaming. A higher download speed allows for faster game downloads and updates, while a good upload speed ensures smooth interaction with the game server. That reduces lag. Look for internet plans with balanced speeds.

The Right Computer

Of course, you need a strong computer for your MMORPG gaming setup. When selecting a computer for playing MMORPGs, it’s important to consider the system requirements of the specific game you intend to play. Different games might have higher requirements.

Look for a modern and capable processor that meets or exceeds the recommended system requirements of the game. MMORPGs often benefit from processors with multiple cores and high clock speeds. These help provide smooth gameplay and multitasking.

MMORPGs can be memory-intensive. That’s especially true when running multiple applications or browser tabs alongside the game. Aim for at least 8 GB of RAM. Consider 16 GB or more if your budget allows. Having ample RAM helps prevent performance bottlenecks.

Consider a computer with a modular or upgradable design. This will allow you to easily upgrade components like the GPU, RAM, or storage in the future as your gaming needs evolve.

Proper Equipment

Gamer accessories are also helpful for making your transition as a first-time MMORPG player smooth. Depending on the platform you’re playing on, you’ll need either a keyboard and mouse for PC gaming or a compatible game controller for consoles.

These input devices allow you to control your character and interact with the game world.

Communication is an important aspect of many MMORPGs, especially during cooperative gameplay or player-versus-player encounters. A headset with a microphone or speakers will allow you to hear the game’s audio and communicate with other players.

Foot pedals are auxiliary input devices that can be assigned to specific in-game actions or macros. They can be used to add additional control options. That will help streamline your gameplay.

Reading Materials

It’s important to know what you’re doing when you’re playing MMORPGs. Some have official strategy guides or companion books.

They can provide in-depth information about the game’s mechanics, quests, and strategies. These can be helpful references to enhance your gameplay. They’ll also help you understand the game world.

Some MMORPGs have expanded their game universe through novels or lore books. These publications delve into the lore, history, and backstory of the game world, providing additional depth and immersion. They can be an excellent choice for those interested in exploring the rich narratives of the game.

Stay Comfortable

You don’t want to start gaming, only to find yourself shifting in your chair and unable to focus on your MMORPG of choice.

Start by shopping for the right desk. Gaming desks can come with features like a spacious surface area, cable management systems, and height adjustability. They may even have built-in accessories like cup holders and headphone stands.

It provides a dedicated space for your gaming setup and enhances organization and ergonomics.

You’ll also need the right gaming chair. Look for a gaming chair that offers good ergonomics. Consider things like seat height, armrest height, and backrest recline. Ergonomic design helps support proper posture. That reduces the risk of discomfort or strain during extended periods of sitting.

You also need to protect your eyes. Gaming glasses or blue light-blocking glasses are designed to reduce eye strain and filter out harmful blue light emitted by screens. They can help alleviate eye fatigue and improve your visual comfort during long gaming sessions.

Keep Streaming In Mind

If you plan to stream your MMORPG gameplay, you may need additional supplies. 

A high-quality microphone is essential for clear and professional audio. Consider a USB condenser microphone or a dynamic microphone to capture your voice accurately while reducing background noise. Pop filters and microphone stands can also help improve audio quality.

Having a webcam allows viewers to see your reactions and adds a personal touch to your stream. Choose a webcam with good video quality and low light sensitivity for better image clarity.

You should also consider having a green screen for your background, particularly if you live in a small space. Using a green screen enables you to remove your background.

Then, you can replace it with custom overlays or backgrounds. It adds a professional look to your stream. And it allows for more creative customization.

You’ll also need streaming software. Options include OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS, or XSplit. These programs offer features like scene switching, overlays, and encoding options for optimizing your stream quality.

Start Collecting These Game Supplies Today

There are a lot of game supplies you could need when you’re playing MMORPGs. Hopefully, you now have some idea of what to add to your shopping list.

Do you want more gaming advice? We can help. Read through some of our other relevant posts for more MMORPG tips and so much more. 

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