The beauty of purple is more than just beauty

The word lavender awakens the thoughts immediately of the lighter shades of purple, however, there is a lot more to get acknowledged of these aesthetic flower than their color.

The beautiful flowering plant belongs to the mint family and can be easily recognized by its sweet floral aroma. With a history of 2500 years as the divine herb the lavender is believed to be the native of Mediterranean, India and Middle East. Moreover, it was often used to liven up and offer a lighter scent to an assortment of personal belongings such as clothes and hairs

In the present times, lavender is no more than just an aromatic plant. It’s revealed that the herb is also commonly used in the medicinal and therapeutic purpose. So if you are a sufferer of some medical problems and you are not willing to bear the unpleasant consequences arising from over the counter and prescriptive medications, here are some significant health bounties arising from the lavender

Combat insomnia and have a good night sleep

For many individuals suffering from insomnia might know how irritating the problem can be. Keeping you tossed and turned throughout the night. Lowering the consumption of caffeine and having more exercise can induce better sleep. However, often times these efforts and other remedies don’t pay you benefits and you end up feeling dull and tired throughout the day

If you are really in search of anything for a peaceful nights’ sleep, the lavender essential oil can be an effective remedy to enhance the sleep quality of chronically ill patients who often find difficult to sleep due to pain. Study published in the Journal of British Association of Critical Nurses March 2017. And since the cosmetics and herbal industry hold a greater share of lavender buyers

So if you have worked with other sleep remedies with no effect why not place a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow or place of sleep. However, make sure not to swallow for it may cause health harms

Get a beautiful skin and younger look

For a youthful skin several essential oils are excellent for beautifying and nourishing your skin and lavender oil is no new. Even if you have an acne breakout, some sort of skin inflammation or eczema using lavender oil to the certain areas play a good role in removing blemishes and soothes inflammation as per the publication of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine in May 2017. The ones with sensitive skin, can dilute the oil in water. The antioxidants in lavender have a time tested quality of healing wounds

Prior to adding any lavender oil in your skin care regimen, take advice from your dermatologist so that it might not interact with any medications 

Natural pain killers with no side effects

A number of individuals reach for over the counter pain relievers when suffering with sharp unbearable or chronic pain well resting upon the severity of your pain you must need to consult medical practitioner. Prior to taking the conventional road to medicines and whole life dependence, work with aromatherapy of lavender oil diluted with water

Studies reveal lavender as an effective option to combat postoperative pain, and act as the natural pain killer for the oil contains anti-inflammatory compounds found in many natural oils