8 Mistakes That Can Cost You Your Dream Job

While searching for job we all tend to make some silly mistakes. But this carelessness of ours can cost us deeply. When we make naive mistakes while hunting for our dream job, it is important to be vigilant. Otherwise, even after sending out emails to various companies we won’t get any positive feedback. No matter how qualify you are, some errors can decrease your chances of landing your dream job.

It is something that we can’t afford in this highly competitive world. It’s true that for a talented and ambitious person, there are end numbers of jobs. But even the smartest person can make slip up.

That is why it is imperative that you formulate a plan when job searching. Make sure that the plan is accurate and that you stick to it. It will also help you to know some of the common mistakes that usually snatch away the dream jobs of people.

Thus, in this blog, we will look at 8 mistakes that can cost you your dream job.

1. Focusing only on job openings

There are end numbers of job openings and vacancies advertisements online. And most people only focus on them to land their dream job. Other than that, they list their resumes on popular recruiting sites like craigslist or monster.com.

These job openings ads don’t yield much in terms of a satisfactory job. If you want a job that you love, you need to start networking. Job seekers are spending more time online looking at vacancy ads. But instead, they should use that time to make connections with influencers of their industry.

It is a fact that the percentage of people getting a job due to referrals is high than finding jobs through openings.

2. Sending out unimpressive resumes

One of the biggest blunder job seekers do is sending out a poor resume. Your resume is your first impression, and it decides whether you will land an interview or not. Thus, creating an effective resume is crucial if you want your HR to select your resume from a huge pile.

Here are some tips you should remember:

  • Always check for spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • The resume should be 1-2 pages long, not more than that or less. (Exceptions are there)
  • Never use passive tone, instead focus on actions verbs like led or achieved.
  • Don’t use a vague objective. Instead, use objectives that resonate with a specific job. Don’t send out a resume with the same objective to everyone.
  • Don’t lie on your resume and keep updating it.
  • Note: You can use the Canva Resume creator tool for making a professional resume. It is absolutely free and has a variety of features for you.

3. Not networking properly

Job seekers usually forget to focus on networking. Their main focus is to search for a job instead of making contacts with people in power. It is important that you set a goal for yourself of networking with at least three people in a month. It doesn’t have to be face to face, connect with people on LinkedIn or other social media accounts.

4. Searching for any type of job

Don’t search for multiple types of job. A job seeker should be open to opportunities, but they need to keep their field specific. You can apply for a job in 2-3 fields, but if you keep applying for every job, you will be disappointed.

5. Not having a system

Finding a new job or changing your old career is a big change. To do this without losing your mind, you need a system. You need a plan, a proper space for applying and tracking the results. If you have no system, it will soon turn out to be a huge mess.

6. Not taking help when required

Don’t be afraid to take help from a career coach or counselor. When you consult with an expert they can help you guide in the right direction. They can show you the path, and help you realize your passion. It results in landing your dream job with a better salary and security.

7. Not prepping for the interview

Don’t be overconfident and think that you can nail the interview without any preparations. It will help you if you research the company and interviews extensively. It will make sure that you are one of the top contenders.

The job interview has five elements- talking about your values/skills, knowledge about the company, asking questions, negotiation and following up. Make sure you follow it and also engage in some personal talk to create a connection. All these will greatly enhance your chances of getting recruited.

8. You forget to follow instructions

One of the silliest mistakes of all time is not following instructions. It can happen when you don’t read the requirements carefully. (Maybe they asked for a video, but you didn’t attach that because you missed it). These things can make a lot of difference so, be careful.

These were the mistake that usually cost people their job. Hopefully, after reading this, your job search will yield positive results.

Kavita is Outreach Specialist cum Content writer. When not glued to her laptop, she can be found making travel plans that rarely happen???? Connect with Kavita on Twitter @dreamerkavita