December Global Holidays – Enjoy the Festive Season

Global December Holidays

Festivals are the most exciting parts of the year. They help us in getting a holiday from your hectic schedule. However, December holds special importance in providing December global festivities. You can witness several important events and holidays this month. Moreover, these huge varieties of occasions help you to be in a festive mood throughout the year. There are several domestic as well as global holidays that lye in this festive month of December. You can find numerous events filling the list of December global holidays. These holidays are related to any national day, religious day, important event, and many more.

List Of December Global Holidays 2021

So, there are numerous holidays in December. A list of top December global holidays is listed below.

# World AIDS Day- 1st December

Worlds AIDS Day is an international day. This day is celebrated for creating awareness against AIDS. All the members of the UN in the event of this day. The idea of declaring this day as an international day in 1988. Afterward, this important event lies on 1st December for 33 years. HIV comes under a major health issue because of its deadly effects.

Every year, this day is held with different themes. This day plays an important role in creating awareness against HIV. There are numerous health camps established due to this day. Moreover, you can take part in various awareness camps on this day.

# Birthday of King Bhumibol- 5th December:

King Bhumibol is the king of Thailand. This day is also held as a national day in Thailand. It is celebrated as a national holiday. You can enjoy the astonishing experience of his birthday in Thailand. It is the best day to enjoy the December global festivities for Thai people because of the grand occasion.

Unlike any other birthday, no one celebrates the king’s birthday by cutting the cake. Most people celebrate it with their parents. At the same time, most of the Thai people pray for the king at the temple. Moreover, events like releasing animals and birds are the popular practice of this event.

# Independent Day Of Finland- 6th December:

Finland is a popular country. This country gained independence in 1917. It got independence from the rule of Russia. This day has been declared a national holiday in Finland since independence. Moreover, you can visit Finland in the event of its independence.

The locals celebrate this day by raising the country’s national flag. Moreover, people visit the war memorial and patriotic location on this day. You can witness a large number of programs held. Moreover, this day has a vital role in world history.

# Hanukkah- 10th December :

Hanukkah is a popular religious festival celebrated by the Jewish community. It is among the largest global events of the December global holidays due to its huge popularity. There is a religious belief that Jews had risen in this day. This rise is against the Greek-Syrian oppressors. You can celebrate this amazing festival by visiting any Jewish

Jewish community celebrates this day across the globe, and many nations and organizations provide holidays on this day. You can enjoy the beautiful decoration in the Jewish colonies in case you visit there. Moreover, there is plenty of mouth-watering food served on this occasion. All these features make it an important event among December global holidays.

# Bangladesh Victory Day- 16th December:

It is a popular day celebrated in Bangladesh. On this day, Bangladesh got independence from the rule of Pakistan. India has played a major role in the victory as long as the war lasted. It is a national holiday across the country.

You can find several patriotic programs around the country. The people of Bangladesh celebrate this day by raising their flag. Moreover, many political leaders give patriotic speeches on this day.  

# Yule- 21st December:

Yule is a popular festival mostly celebrated by German people. It is among the top festival among Germans. Along with Germans, it is widely popular in northern Europe. This amazing festival is somehow similar to Christmas. Moreover, people share gifts in it.

You can celebrate this amazing festival in places like Wicca, LaVeyan Satanists. German people enjoy a holiday on this day. Moreover, Various German organization keeps holiday on Yule. This festival welcomes a large number of people to Germany and other north European countries. It is the best option for people searching for the best international holidays in December.

# Christmas- 25th December:

Christmas is the largest festival for Cristian. This day is held on the occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ. The upcoming Christmas 2021 is the top event throughout the year. Christen celebrates this day across the globe. Moreover, the majority of nations provide a holiday to employees on this day.

People give a gift to friends and relatives in it. Moreover, you can observe social and family gatherings. The houses and streets are decorated adorably at Christmas. A large number of parties and feasts are held on Christmas day 2021. It counts among the top events among December global holidays.

# Kwanzaa- 26th December:

Therefore, Kwanzaa is an important event for African. You can celebrate this amazing festival in the United States of America. It is held in honor of African-American culture. This amazing festival starts on 26th December and lasts for one week. The U.S witnessed a holiday on the occasion of it. The beginning of this amazing day was in 1966.

This day helps to enhance the unity among Africans and Americans. You can enjoy various events like singing dancing on this day. Moreover, programs related to storytelling, poetry reading, and drumming are organized. Various African people spend this day feasting. It is among the top December global festivities.

# New Year’s Eve- 31st December:

New year’s Eve is a popular day celebration all around the world. This day is the last day of the year according to the modern Calendar. People celebrate the last day of the year with full joy and excitement. This year to welcome the new year 2022. People decorate their houses in the evening time.

You can celebrate this amazing December global festivities day in any club or restaurant. However, most people celebrate at home with family. You can enjoy a large variety of delicious food at the time of the new year. Moreover, a large-scale firework is held just after the end of this day. Near to all countries provide public holiday at 31st December.

Ending Words:

Lastly, every day has its importance. However, the month of December is full of popular occasions and national holidays. So, you can plan a trip or party according to the December global holidays 2021.

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