The Top 6 Ideas to Boost Your Brain Health

Brain Health

Drinking, smoking, and eating unhealthy foods can all damage your brain cells. But there are many things you can do to keep your brain healthy as you age. Here are the top 6 ideas from mental health experts on keeping your mind sharp as you age. Elevate your brain health with these five ideas:

Be a multitasker.

No, not everyone can be a master of time management. But recent research from Stanford University shows that those who try to squeeze more into their schedule may have better memory skills, better focus, and greater resistance to distractions. 

 Look at nature.

The memory-boosting effect of nature has been studied repeatedly, yet it still seems to be true. Even the view from a window is enough to stave off cognitive decline and revive memory. Here’s one idea: Go for regular walks outside during your lunch break and explore your local surroundings.

Stay social- Studies show that people who stay socially active and connected to others age better and maintain memory and cognitive skills better over time.

Playing online card games may boost your memory.

Games that are challenging, complex, and full of strategy—that’s the key to boosting your brain health. If you’ve ever played chess or Go, you know how complex it can be.

“When playing chess, you use the same region of the brain that kick starts your thinking when you try to solve a math problem or work through a tough spot at work,” Dr. Roberta Lee said in an article published on Healthy Aperture. Problem-solving games are particularly good for maintaining brain health. Novelty is key to keeping your brain stimulated. For instance, Solitaire is your classic Windows game, but it is also a game that can improve your brain health. With this game, you will be able to improve your memory. A study shows people could remember information better if they played an hour of Solitaire before they went to sleep. This game will help you learn new things and reinforce your long-term memory.

Learn a new language. 

Learning a foreign language is one of the best ways to stave off age-related memory loss. And, surprisingly, you don’t even need to be fluent to get the benefits.

The first thing you might notice is how much your memory improves. But that’s just the beginning. You may also see improvements in concentration and problem-solving ability. The reason for this is that your brain is forced to work harder when you learn a new language, creating new connections between neurons.

And, the benefits only grow the more you study …

Eat foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Many food products include Omega-3 fatty acids—especially those from fish. Salmon, for example, is considered a superfood because it’s high in protein and Omega-3s. These fatty acids can help reduce inflammation, improve attention levels, and protect your memory as you age.

All of these ideas are backed up by research and studies, and while some may seem like small fixes, they could add up to a healthier, happier life.

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