6 fun things to do in Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge is a small town, but it no longer remains small regarding the touristic punch it packs for its visitors. Plenty is at your service for amusement, from amusement parks to scenic beauty.

If you have decided to visit pigeon forge soon but are unsure where to spend your limited vacations and what to do, here is your ultimate list of the fun things to do in Pigeon Forge.

1. A visit to the Titanic Museum Attraction

Who doesn’t know about Titanic—the famous yet tragic ship which could not reach its destination? The ship sank and remained at the bottom of the ocean for 75 years before an expedition led to its discovery in 1985.

If you want to turn back the pages of history and learn about the tragic ship, you must visit the Titanic Museum Attraction.

You will get the chance to witness a mighty iceberg growing out of the water. Touch the iceberg, experience swimming in 28 degrees Fahrenheit water, and pay tribute to the passengers and the crew onboard the giant ship.

The whole visit seems more than just a visual experience. So step into the ship as a guest, but leave its premises as a Titanic passenger. 

2. The Island

Once you enjoy the history, it is time to get glamorous with a trip to the Island. It is one of the most-like tourist destinations in Pigeon Forge. 

The Island is so gripping that you can spend your entire vacation without having a moment of boredom. What’s more, you can easily find accommodations near the Island too. 

If you have particular requirements such as indoor spas, pools, etc., you can easily find them. Google pigeon forge cabins with indoor pools, and you will get several options in the search results. Choose the best as per your preference. 

Once on the Island, you will feel that you are in a new place entirely. This 180-degree change is surprising but, of course, in a pleasant way. 

The dazzling displays of the colored lights, rumbles of the gigantic Ferris over the skyline, attractive games, impressive displays in the shops, etc., are some of the highlights of the Island. 

3. Great Smoky Mountains National Park

If you enjoy the calmness of nature and scenic beauties, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park must be another destination on your list.

Surrounded by picturesque natural beauty, it is the best place to relax your muscles, recharge your natural energy, and take off the garbs of work stress and other responsibilities.

Apart from natural scenery, the park provides countless options for hiking, biking, and jogging down its many beautiful trails. Sunrise and sundown are the most spectacular times to enjoy photography and capture the beauty of nature.

4. Rocky Top Mountain Coaster

Do you want to make your vacation thrilling with a bout of adrenaline rush? Rocky Top Mountain Coaster is the right place to make your trip exhilarating. The coaster moving at 30 miles per hour won’t let you slouch or get bored. These nine minutes of twisty fun can become the most exciting experience of your life, so much so that you will look forward to having this ride again.

You can get your cart individually controlled to suit your comfort level if you are with family and kids. So, don’t prevent your kids from enjoying it because it looks scary.

5. Old Mill Square

Pigeon Forge is a fairly old town, brimming with historical experiences and highlights. Old Mill Square is one of the city’s historic places. The mill was built in the 19th century as a grain grinder and flour producer. 

Today, Old Mill Square is reconstructed to look just like it did at the time of its settlers back in the 19th century. Shops are abundant, but there are no digital signs. People are constantly moving in and out, and the atmosphere is friendly. 

Many potters sell their craft, and kids enjoy their ice cream scoops from the local shops. What’s more, there are shaded patios to have rest, in case you get tired.

Because of the historical significance of Old Mill Square, the site is officially listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Therefore, visiting this place is the right thing to do when in Tennessee. 

6. Forbidden Caverns

Did you know that Tennessee houses thousands of caves? In fact, Tennessee has the largest number of caves in any US state.

Forbidden cavers are the network of underground caves under the smoky mountains. Due to the twists and turns in these caves, you can visit them with the help of a tour guide only.

From glittering underground steams to dripping stalagmites, you will see everything. Colored lights and stereo sounds make this place a little spooky but fun to visit.

Forbidden Caverns are the best place to visit if you are trying to avoid the heat wave on a summer day with its cool 60F temperature.

Step into the Forbidden Caverns, and a wave of coolness will welcome you. But make sure you have a day dedicated to this activity because a few hours might not be enough to explore things inside the caverns.


It is always worth breaking free from your boring life and stepping into a fun-filled time with a trip to Pigeon Forge brimming with scenic beauties, historical details, roller coaster rides, and toothsome delicacies.

It is quite challenging to mention everything exciting about this town in one place; the article above is just a prevue of what you can get from your trip to Pigeon Forge.

Hope you enjoyed the article and you got to learn the six fun things you can do when you visit Pigeon Forge. It is recommended to visit the places mentioned above to get the most out of your trip to Pigeon Forge.

What are you waiting for? Grab your bag and be on your way to experience the most amazing time of your life.

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